Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March 2011--THREEx3!

The girls turned 3 on March 3rd! 
Happy Birthday Anna!
Happy Birthday Ava!
Happy Birthday Alexis!

 We celebrated their birthday with 5 other 3 year olds by going to a paint-your-own-pottery place.
 The girls loved painting their own piggy banks and I think their guests did too!
 L-R Ava, Bennett, Kendyll, Anna, Alexis, Maddy, Louden, Keegan
 What better way to celebrate birthday month than by visiting the dentist for the first time! :)
Alexis went first and loved it, Anna went 2nd and did great too. Ava was pretty apprehensive and ended up sitting on my lap for her check up..but she did great too!
 Here's a random one...one day when going in to get Alexis from her nap....uh, yea...she was busy during her nap....laying out as many books as she could fit on top of her bed! LOL
 Mommy's work also celebrated a birthday this month. Happy Birthday to the new Ohio Union!

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