Thursday, December 23, 2010

December treats!

December is filled with lots of treats, but none more important than spending time with family and carrying out traditions. 

The week before Christmas we enjoyed celebrating the Thornhill Christmas. We missed Darrell and his family, but loved having Scott and Rhonda and their families join us! We enjoyed a wonderful meal and then a gift exchange. Then later that night we all headed to the Columbus Zoo to check out the pretty Christmas lights! What a great day!
L-R Payton-Quinn&Anna-Ethan&Alexis-Sofia &Ava

Zoo Lights all bundled up!

So pretty but so cold!
  I took the girls for their first REAL manicure! I've painted their nails at home before, but I thought it would be a really special treat to go to the nail salon with mommy and get their nails done. They loved it! This may be a new annual Christmas tradition to get our nails done before Christmas Eve service!
Waiting patiently for their turn!
Letting their nails dry!

Showing off their pretty red nails!
SANTA Rocks!

 After the nail salon we headed over to Grandma's house to bake and decorate cookies. It's always been one of my favorite memories and activities to do with my mom over the years and now I'm happy to see that my girls enjoy it just as much. Oh, and let's just say...I'm so happy she's the one with all the counter it just makes sense to make the (mess) cookies at her house! :) ha!
Baking Cookies at Grandma's house!

So glad we do this AT Grandma's house! :)

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