Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Sofia!

It was a super busy week/weekend getting ready for the CMOTC sale and selling and working the sale. Then after a SUPER disappointing OSU loss to WI, we got up bright and different from any other day around here, and headed north to Cleveland for our niece, Sofia's birthday party. It was held at the Cleveland Zoo and this was my first visit. It is a really nice zoo and I can't wait until they finish their elephant exhibit, but I have to say...I'm still partial to our Columbus Zoo. The Cleveland zoo just seems REALLY spread out without much to look at animal wise in between. It would be intimidating to take the girls there by myself like I do at Columbus. However, the exhibits are REALLY great! fences and windows are low and not in your way and the girls were able to see a ton!

The girls really enjoyed spending time with Sofia (Ava wanted to hold her hand the entire day!) and I'm glad we were able to see Scott, Julia, Quinn and Sofia since we don't see them often enough. Sofia had a super nice birthday party and she was such a nice little hostess!

Thanks for having us and HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOFIA!!!!

I wish the Columbus Zoo had Giraffes. 


I told you Ava loved Sofia!

So excited for CAKE!

Uncle Scott reading one of Sofia's cards to the girls.

Sweet baby Koala with his momma. 

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