Sunday, October 31, 2010

This year the girls were the Three little pigs for halloween. I had more grandiose ideas for costumes, but when it came right down to it....I went with the less expensive (as in $0) route!
Everything I used for their costumes, we already had or was given to us. We had the hats, pillows (to fatten up my lil piggies!) and my mom had the fabric/pipe cleaners for their tails. I was fortunate enough to receive the jean overalls, pink shirts and pink vests from a triplet mom as hand-me-downs! total cost: $0!  woohoo!

Cute lil' piggy tails!

Anna (aka the piggy that built her house out of straw)

Ava (aka the piggy that built her house from sticks!)

Alexis (aka the piggy that built her house out of bricks!)

Getting ready to go!

Shaking those piggy tails on more time!
The girls really did a great job of going up to houses and saying "trick or treat" and please and thank you. I was so happy that they had fun and didn't show any signs of being scared like last year! They kept trying to negotiate how many more houses we could stop at before going home!  HA!  

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy!

We celebrated Jeff's birthday on Tuesday and I think the girls were more excited for his birthday than he was. They love singing happy birthday to people, each other, their animals and pretty much anything that they think has a birthday. Since I knew they would like it more than he would care, I ordered a cake (from my favorite bakery, Mrs. Goodmans' in Worthington) and had them put a frog, turtle and gator on it for the girls since those are still their favorite lovey's. Here are the girls showing off "their" favorite picture on the cake!

Anna with the TURTLE!
Ava with the FROG!

Alexis with the GATOR!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Ohio State Homecoming 2010

We took the girls down to campus on Friday night for the Homecoming parade and ran into some friendly faces!

Buckeye Santa!

President Gee with the Class of 2030!

We love Brutus!

The next day was of course the game and we were happy to have our friends Sara, Tim, Bennett and Kendyll stop by the tailgate!
Ava and Kendyll pulling the wagon with Alexis, Bennett, and Anna.

Yes, that's FIVE 2.5 yr olds!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pumpkin Patch 2010

On the way home from Sofia's birthday party at the Cleveland zoo, we decided to stop by Freeman's Farm near Sunbury and let the girls explore the pumpkin patch. Check out this post for the 2008 & 2009 comparison! What a difference a year...or two...makes!
Ava - pouting Alexis - Anna



Alexis--yea, she just wasn't in the mood for pictures!

My pretty little girls. 

Daddy's little Kitty Cat Anna
Peek a boo Kitty, Ava!

Finally smiling Kitty Cat Alexis!
Who pinched them and made them so sad? 


Riding the cow with Daddy!

Sisterly love!

Yup...Alexis is still not wanting to participate. 2 out of 3 is good right?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Sofia!

It was a super busy week/weekend getting ready for the CMOTC sale and selling and working the sale. Then after a SUPER disappointing OSU loss to WI, we got up bright and different from any other day around here, and headed north to Cleveland for our niece, Sofia's birthday party. It was held at the Cleveland Zoo and this was my first visit. It is a really nice zoo and I can't wait until they finish their elephant exhibit, but I have to say...I'm still partial to our Columbus Zoo. The Cleveland zoo just seems REALLY spread out without much to look at animal wise in between. It would be intimidating to take the girls there by myself like I do at Columbus. However, the exhibits are REALLY great! fences and windows are low and not in your way and the girls were able to see a ton!

The girls really enjoyed spending time with Sofia (Ava wanted to hold her hand the entire day!) and I'm glad we were able to see Scott, Julia, Quinn and Sofia since we don't see them often enough. Sofia had a super nice birthday party and she was such a nice little hostess!

Thanks for having us and HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOFIA!!!!

I wish the Columbus Zoo had Giraffes. 


I told you Ava loved Sofia!

So excited for CAKE!

Uncle Scott reading one of Sofia's cards to the girls.

Sweet baby Koala with his momma. 

Monday, October 18, 2010

My little Artists!

I finally joined the Columbus Mothers of Twins Club (CMOTC). Yes, I know, I have triplets not twins...but there are a ton of benefits to being a member and it's actually for mom's of multiples, not just twins. (maybe they should change their name...ha, not likely.) friends, Sara and Jenn have always told me great things about being a member as have some of my triplet mom friends, so I decided to join and I did it just in time to be able to sell at their HUGE fall sale! Did I mention, it's HUGE?  I wasn't quite sure what to expect as a first time seller since I've never been all that successful as a shopper at the sale since I'm picky about the girls in coordinating clothes. But I thought I would give it a shot and was SO WORTH IT!  Thanks Sara and Jenn for encouraging me to join and also to sell!
Here's what I bought:
3 OSU Jerseys
3 pairs of corduroy pants from Children's Place
3 Fancy Christmas Dresses for next year (3T)
3 sets of brand new with tags Christmas PJ's
3 Santa plates
6 Paint with water books, brand new!
1 white wooden step stool for girls' bathroom
12 books
4 pairs of princess dress up shoes
1 dress up tutu
2 board games
1 pop up nylon playhouse for inside
and more that I know I'm forgetting!
Here's what I paid: $102.50!  Can you believe it? 
I was so happy. Honestly the OSU jerseys alone would have cost $120 brand me, I wanted them earlier this year and now I'm so glad I didn't spend the money! 
And let's just say, I sold a ton of my own stuff and far surpassed what I spent, so that's always a good side to be on! I can't wait until the Spring Sale!

Here are the girls painting with their new paint with water books!


Anna and Alexis


Do you think they liked it? :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Just us.

For the first time since before the girls were born, Jeff and I were able to get away. Just us. It was so wonderful and relaxing and fun!

We had a really great excuse, my best friend Kristen got BOSTON!  woohoo! I didn't want to miss Kristen's wedding for anything, so as soon as the date was set, I started prepping my mom and dad by saying that I was really hoping we would be able to go and oh, by the way...I wasn't planning to take the girls. :)  They were really supportive and happy to watch the girls while we were away! Thank you so much Mom and Dad! It was seriously one of the best gifts you could have ever given us...time away for just us!

We arrived in Boston early morning on Saturday so we decided to explore Bean town before getting ready for Kristen and Joe's wedding. Jeff is a HUGH history buff, so for him to be in one of the most historic cities in the U.S., he was really excited. I, on the other hand, don't really care too much about history other than to memorize what I needed, ace the test, and let that information slowly wander right out of my brain! :) Regardless, I really enjoyed the sites too since it was a gorgeous day and Jeff was loving it so much! We packed as much as we could in: location of the original Boston Tea Party, Boston Massacre site, Paul Revere's house, the Old North Church (pictured below) and a ton of other sites that played an important part in our history. It was pretty amazing to stand in those spots and realize what had occurred so many years ago....too bad much of our country has now forgotten what it was that our founders fought so hard for.
Old North Church, Boston, MA
After site seeing, we headed to our hotel and got ready for the wedding! yay!

Kristen & Joe's wedding was at the beautiful Boston Harbor Hotel right on the water in this gorgeous pavilion!

Me and the Gorgeous Bride! I love this girl!

 Unfortunately, I don't have many other pictures of the wedding and didn't take a single one of Jeff and I at the wedding...oh well. After leaving the Boston Harbor we headed to the Liberty Hotel for their reception. The Liberty was a functioning prison until 1990 and is now this super cool renovated hotel. I wish I would have taken pictures, but seriously, google it or was such a unique and fun space for a reception!  Congratulations to Kristen and Joe!  We love you and are so glad we were able to share in your special day! xoxoxoxo

Early Sunday morning, we drove up the coast to one of our favorite places ever...MAINE! It's one of those places that we used to come to repeatedly and just love the people, scenery and charm. Our all time favorite place to stay is in Kennebunkport, ME.

We have stayed at several of the bed& breakfast houses in Kennebunkport, but this time decided to try the Nonantum Resort.
A view of the Nonatum Resort as I'm standing on the dock in the bay.

We spent time at some of our favorite shops and trading posts for Jeff and antique stores for me. Sunday night we went to one of our favorite local restaurants for dinner and actually got to talk without being distracted by 3 lovely little ladies. :) It was so nice.

The beautiful Maine sunset on our first night there.
Also happens to be my favorite photo of us during the trip!

On Monday, we headed up to Freeport and spent the day shopping and of course, walking through L.L.Bean!  We had gorgeous weather the entire trip! Our visits to Kennebunkport would not be complete without a short drive out to Walker's Point. (the Bush Family's property.) 
Notice the Texas flag is flying....that usually means that someone from the family is currently visiting! Jeff was so excited that we were there at the same time! :) 

This helps show that Walker's Point is really a small peninsula surrounded by rocks. The Secret service guard house is all the way to the left closer to the road. 

Yes, we took a bunch of pictures at Walker's Point. :)
The last time we were in Kennebunkport, we noticed that this old church that sits right on the coast had scaffolding surrounding it. We were excited to know that someone was going to refurbish it and this time it was exciting to see it had reopened. 

All of the rocks were taken out of the ocean to build this beautiful church.

Here's another shot of us right beside the church. 

We drove back to Boston on Tuesday so we could fly home. The short trip was so nice and refreshing. The girls were excited to see us when we got home...and they loved the stuffed moose animals we brought home with us. Thanks again Mom and Dad for taking great care of the girls! It was so nice to know they were in great hands so we didn't worry once!