Thursday, September 2, 2010

Our first Buckeye pictures of the season! Jeff won't let me buy the girls jerseys...I wonder why....maybe since they are $40 EACH! YIKES! Yea, so I had to get creative and since the girls don't have a single piece of OSU clothing besides sweatshirts, we decided to use our accessories from last season!
Buckeye Hats, blankets and Brutus purses! GO BUCKS!

Anna....taking this very seriously!

Ava....loving her Brutus purse!

Alexis....don't you just want to squeeze those little cheeks!?!

What exactly is IN a Brutus purse?

The Girls' prediction for the Bucks this season!

What happened to Lexie's hat?

It's okay, Ava...I dropped it but I won't let go of my "O"!

Anna...getting a bit bored with my attempts at O-HI-O!

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Jenn Murray said...

I have a Laurinitis jersey in 3T that I picked up at the spring sale for $1.50. I'm sure it's too tight now, you can have it if you want. Not girly, but OSU-y.