Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Little ladies!

Little Austin, my sister's youngest son, was baptized on Sunday and the girls got to try out some triplet hand-me-downs! One of my friends in my triplet group has older triplet girls and she has passed along some of their clothes. Stay tuned for this year's Christmas's also from them! YAY!

The girls did pretty good in church. I bring coloring books and snacks, but they are wiggle worms the whole time and float between me, and Jeff and Grandma and Papa and back to me and Jeff and Papa and Grandma and me, and Grandma and me and Papa and Jeff and me and somehow all on me at some points and then all scattered and then back to where they started. It's exhausting, but everyone at church gets a kick our of them holding hands as they walk up for their blessing during communion. they do have their moments. :)



SaraBelle said...

So cute! :) And what you described is exactly why we rarely go to church!!

~Jess said...

They are absolutely adorable!
I love those dresses and mary janes.