Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I belong to a network of local Triplet mom's that get together every month for dinner and also share resources etc. While we were on vacation, I saw an email that got sent out to the group from a mom that had 3 Eddie Bauer carseats and 3 tricycles for sale!  I bought ALL of it! I gave the carseats to my parents so now they are able to leave with the girls if they want on the 2 days they watch them while I go to work. And here are the tricycles!  They look practically brand new and I love them since they are the retro version which means they look almost identical to the one I rode when I was a kid! Cool!
The girls love them, but Jeff is working on cutting some wood blocks to go on the pedals since the girls aren't quite tall enough to reach the pedals fully.
Alexis showing neighbor Teagan her new ride!
Daddy helping Ava
Rollin'  -  Rollin'  -  Rollin'!

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Jenn Murray said...

Love it!! and LOVE the Limp Bizkit reference, but then I thought about running...which I don't love