Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Anna's Surgery

Anna has had a small bump on her neck for the past 9-12 months or so. I would sometimes notice it and then other times it didn't stick out as far so I forgot about it. Finally at the girls 2 year checkup I decided to mention to our Dr. She thought we should get it checked and an ultrasound indicated it was a small cyst near her Thyroid gland. After further review, it showed it was fortunately not entertwined or interfering with her Thyroid, but should still be removed. They thought it was a Thyroglossal Duct Cyst. So we scheduled surgery at Nationwide Children's Hospital.
Right after bath and before bedtime the night before surgery.
Showing us her "bump"
Almost looked like a mini Adam's Apple. 

Anna did great in the hospital. I think she liked all of the attention from both mommy and daddy! Thanks to my parents for watching Ava and Alexis for the day!
Anna waiting to go back to surgery with Mikey and her new hospital doll.

Anna and Daddy with Mikey the Monkey & Tank the Turtle reading books prior to surgery.

I did pretty good too. :) I was actually really calm about the whole thing since it seemed so simple of a surgery. I was just more nervous about keeping Anna comfortable and whether or not she would mess with the incision afterwards. I did tear up as the nurse wheeled her into the OR and Anna cried out for me...but I knew she was in good hands and all would be fine.

Well, the surgery went SUPER well and fast. The Dr. said it ended up being a Dermoid cyst (which was even less involved than the Thyroglossal Duct Cyst). So the surgery only lasted less than 30 mins and we were home before naptime! Anna didn't even seem to notice or care about her incision and played like normal the very next day! 

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Pyjammy Pam said...

my niece had one of those thyroglossal duct cysts, too, and recently had it removed. glad anna's surgery went well. :)