Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Family Vacation 2010: Part II (Sesame Place)

After leaving Aunt Kiki and Joe's house, we drove down to Sesame Place near Philly. It is a waterpark/amusement park, obviously, for kids. :) The girls have just started watching Sesame Street at home and they have always loved ELMO since someone gave them a stuffed Elmo doll when they were little. So I wasn't sure how they would be with the characters, but considering they love Brutus from a distance, but not up close, I wasn't too optimistic.

Day ONE:
The girls at the entrance!
Alexis is pointing to a giant shrub in the shape
of a birthday cake since Sesame is celebrating 30 years!

Notice....The girls don't want to get too close to Oscar
which means, Jeff and I are in ALL of the pictures!
I just thought this was a cute pic of B&E.
The girls were standing by me waving, but refusing to get any closer!
Are you getting the idea here?
This is the distance that the girls think is safe,
but close enough to wave and shout and yell "ZOE"! distance from the Count.
Anna and Alexis are still watching to make sure Zoe doesn't get too close!
Grover...from a distance...with people that are not us. :)

Day TWO:
We started off with a special "Dine with Me" breakfast, where we got to eat yummy food while several of the characters walked through the room and others posed and allowed you to come take pictures. The girls loved being "IN" the room with all of the characters, but they just didn't want them to come "close" to them! :) 
Speaking of she is alerting us to incoming characters that are getting too close to our table.
I think Bert was the intruder this time. 
Here we ALL are with Zoe.
Notice Anna trying to escape and Ava not getting any closer than she has to. 

Anna and Ava with Daddy and Ernie. Just not sure about high fives with giant orange hands!
Alexis wouldn't get closer enough for me to get her in the frame. 

Alexis tracking the intruder.

By the time we left the breakfast it was POURING down rain. We figured we would make the best of it so we ran to the gift shop and purchased 5 yellow ponchos! It was definitely a site to see me pulling a choo-choo wagon with 3 little ducks wrapped up in their ponchos! (I thought I had pictures of it, but I can't find them. boo!) So instead of waiting out the rain, we headed over for our second visit to the Elmo's World Live show. The girls loved seeing Elmo in action and thought Mr. Noodle was hilarious....especially since he wore turtle swimmies on his arms for part of the show. That was all they talked about for the rest of the Anna loved Mr. Noodle because he had Turtle swimmies! Funny girls!

After we left the show, we headed over to the carousel since it was under cover.  It was a HUGE hit with the girls. And now that I look at the pictures, I realize this may be the reason they are associating horses with Aunt Kiki's house. (see Vacation, Part I) They DID ride horses on this trip...just not at her house. Geesh, they are smarter than even I realize 

Anna giving the cheesy smile upon her chosen GREEN horse! :)

Ava showing us her horse has PINK hair!

Alexis also giving the full cheese upon her selected PURPLE horse!
Look at how wet her hair is!

While there were a few meltdowns and difficult moments, I would still highly suggest planning a visit to Sesame Place. Look for my next post for TIPS to keep in mind.


SaraBelle said...

LOL!! Looks like a super fun time! Great pictures! Maybe next time the girls will run right up to the characters and won't let you leave them. :)

Beth said...

I love, love, love all the pics and the updates... I am really considering taking the kids there now! It sounds so fun! :o) And thank you for the great tips as well. The girls are so adorable. I think about you all often and Averie asks about the girls quite a bit too!