Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Family Vacation 2010: Part I

We decided to take our first real family vacation this year. (ok, so I decided and Jeff said no to my idea of driving all the way to Myrtle Beach.) So our first stop was visiting Aunt Kiki (my dear friend Kristen) and her fiance Joe in Eastern Pennsylvania. The girls did AWESOME on the 7.5 hour drive to her house and then they were so excited to finally get to see Aunt Kiki, but to top it all they found out that she had a pool! OOOOOOOHHHHHHH!
L-R Anna, Alexis, Ava
L-R Ava, Alexis, Anna
Aunt Kiki helping me keep the girls inside of the raft! 

Sorry, the video is kind of long...

I forgot to take any pictures of Kristen and Joe with the girls, but let's just say, the girls are still talking about Aunt Kiki and Uncle Joe's house....and the POOL....and now they have somehow come up with the idea that they have horses too, because now they want to go back and ride horses! HAHA! Kristen and Joe...can you work on that please? :)  

We stayed overnight and had a scrumptious breakfast and lunch before heading to our next destination: Sesame Place near Philly.

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Kristen said...

Aww..I miss you guys!!! Great video! It dawned on me after you left that we didn't get any pictures with you guys either! NExt time :) And I will work on the horses...although I read your other post and see the association! Give the girls a kiss and hug for us and give Jeff a big hug! Miss you!