Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July!

I'd like to first thank all of the service men and women who are protecting the freedoms we all enjoy as Americans. I can't ever thank you enough, but I will continue to try.

Our local parade was cancelled this year due to road construction. So we joined the Ullum family for a good ole' Upper Arlington Independence Day Celebration....on the 3rd. :) UA has the longest running non-commercial parade in the country...or so they claim. Neighborhoods and streets get together and make floats, the local sports teams are well represented and every dancer and old car in the area seems to be in that parade, but it is So.much.FUN! Thanks Beth and Doug for having us over and letting us be a part of your community celebration!

The girls loved the parade and watched the whole thing!

The horses are always big pleasers and got the girls on their feet!

We took the girls to another parade up in Sunbury on the 5th. They loved this one too, but I didn't realize how much candywas thrown out at this parade. Since the girls don't even know what they are missing, I convinced them to help pick up all of the candy thrown at us and give it to the Boy Scout Troop leader that was standing next to us. He had a big bag and was joining the troop towards the end of the parade and he was going to throw it back into the crowd, so how's that for quick recycling....and it saved the girls from a major sugar rush!

Then we walked into the town square and saw the little flea market/festival. It was such a HOT day that the girls weren't really up for the flea market and we headed home. That evening we celebrated cousin Austin's FIRST birthday! Happy Birthday buddy!

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