Sunday, June 20, 2010

First trip to the beach...well almost.

On Father's Day we took the girls to Alum Creek State Park's Beach area. It was the girls first time at any type of beach or even lake for that matter. They were actually afraid of the waves at first and didn't even want to walk in the water. It could have been the lady that was mysteriously floating by us and staring at the girls that made them a bit apprehensive. She literally just kept floating closer and closer until she popped out of the water and Avascreamed. Then the lady asked for a picture with her and the girls. Well, let me tell you, the girls wanted nothing to do with it, but I tried to get them close to let her husband snap a quick shot. The whole thing was just weird.

You can see the lady in the water in this pic. As the girls stare right back at her!

Then a local college student came up to me and asked if she could take some pics of the girls for a school project and I let her. I guess, if people ask then I feel bad telling them no if they seem to be normal and nice. However, I have been known to jump in front of the girls (mainly at the zoo and fair) and block photos from people that are just randomly taking the girls' photos. I hate that. No wonder Ava doesn't ever want me to take her picture. She is tired of random weirdos popping in her face.
ah, I digress.....

We had a nice time at the beach after the girls started to realize they could splash and play in the water and sand.

I will have to say...the "local crowd" was very interesting. Kind of scary. Not sure I will be taking the girls there alone. I'll stick to the pool.

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osuapril said...

I love the picture of them sitting in the sand!