Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Birthday Party!

My mom always made our birthday cakes so I would like to do the same for the girls. This year, I made them each a little bunny cake! I think they came out pretty cute!

Then for our family, I ordered from one of my favorite local bakeries!

The girls had a really nice low-key birthday. We celebrated with family at a local pizza shop and then came home to open presents and have cake and ice cream.


The girls got a lot of great gifts, but some of their favorites were these doll strollers!

The girls taking their babies for their first "real" walk around the block!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


In honor of the girls turning T-W-O, I wanted to share some of the words they are FINALLY saying and sharing with us on a regular basis. They are really starting to repeat EVERYTHING, (Just ask Daddy to share his experience while watching the USA vs Canada Olympic hockey game!), but these are the ones they use pretty much every day.

No,no,no (complete with shaking their finger back and forth)
New--how they say No. It has the funniest little high tone...well, sometimes funny.
tak-ooo--Thank you
ho me peaz---hold me please
Nanya -- how they say Anna
A-ya -- how they say Ava
La La --what they call Alexis
ya-ish --how they say Alexis
Mow (rymes with cow...how they say cat)
woowoowoo--how they say dog
op op op (what they say for bunny rabbit)
Kiki--when they are talking about Aunt Kiki (Kristen) or when they are looking for the kitty
duc duc--Duck (they hold their hands by their mouth and make quacking motions)
tur-tull--Turtle (this is one of Anna's fav animals)
Tang--Tank the turtle (Anna's FAVORITE)
Me (alexis uses this to say Mine)
bebe--belly button
(s)noooooooooow--Snow, but the "s" is silent
mi-key-- name of Anna's favorite monkey
Ro-ro--how Ava says Frog (her FAVORITE!)
boo-po-- Blue Hippo (one of Alexis' fav animals)
Gay-ter (how they all refer to Alexis' FAVORITE Gator animal)

I know I'm forgetting some, and didn't include all of the animal sounds, but this gives you an idea.

About the girls...at TWO:

They like to rock their babies and take care of their animals and change diapers. They love their play kitchen and food and really enjoy books and puzzles. I think they would let me read to them all day long if possible. They enjoy books so much. They don't know any characters other than Elmo and Mickey Mouse. (we have an elmo doll that someone gave us and I have a MM blanket.) they will hold hands and play ring-around-the-rosy. They rock their babies to Rockabye baby and will even let their babies fall gently to the floor and blow the wind during the right parts. So funny! They literally crack me up every day!

Anna is caring and nice and loves to be tickled and turned upside down. She likes to tip her head down and look at you over the top of her nose. she sometimes hits whatever is close when she is frustrated...sometimes that happens to be a sister. She LOVES her turtles and pink bunny. She has the sweetest giggle and gives the best, tightest hugs. She likes to get her face close to yours and then says "Hiiiiiiii" and just giggles! We still call her "Bear" and it just fits. She's my little bear, all snuggly warm, soft and cute. :) Happy Birthday Anna, we love you!

Ava is so observant. She watches everyone so closely and can imitate pretty much anything. She gives thumbs up to daddy and pinky swears with mama. She gets pretty worked up if there is something she wants, but she can usually be persuaded into offering a trade if sisters don't want to give it up. She uses the most words. She likes to pretend she is sleeping and can be so darn sweet. She LOVES her Ro-ro's and has been through a few different frogs already as her favority lovey. She likes to help me and show me new things. She is really eager to please and likes to have mama all to her self. I call her Ava Jane quite a bit as it just rolls off the tongue so easily. She's totally Ava Jane! Happy Birthday Ava, We love you!

Alexis is so funny! She also likes to tease and sometimes steals toys from her sisters and runs away. She loves to jump and play. She is also so helpful and the best little helper in cleaning and picking up toys. She is usally the first to come over and console her sisters if one of them is crying or upset. She likes to usher (ie: push or direct) sisters toward something and she will go get them and hold their hand and pull them to you. She is Papa and Nana's little girl (not that the other two aren't, but she is just so attached to them). She has a pretty big temper at times, but mostly is just giggly, funny and adventurous! Jeff only calls her Alexis, but I call her Alexis, Lexie, Lexis-wexis, LaLa, and Lex. Happy Birthday Alexis, We love you!