Sunday, February 21, 2010

First Haircut!

You read that right...the girls got their first haircut today....about 1.5 weeks shy of turning TWO! I didn't mean to hold out so long, but honestly, Anna and Ava's hair grew out so nice I kept thinking Alexis' would catch up. It didn't prove to be so much the case. Alexis' hair instead grew in the back, but not the sides so it ended up being a slight mullet. Oops! Sorry Alexis!

Here are a few Before and After pictures....although, I need to take more pics this week so you can see they actually did get it cut!

Anna before:
Pretty long and the curliest of the 3 girls.

Anna During:
Still long, still bouncy curls, but she didn't enjoy the hair cutting experience....AT ALL!
I don't have after pics since she was still crying and I held her the entire time Alexis was getting hers cut. Anna's honestly looks the least different to me. The stylist just evened it up and gave it a nice trim all over. I thought she would be the calmest, so I had her go first. That plan didn't work out so well. Poor Anna! She did let the stylist put in a pony tail though, so her hair is pulled back in the second pic.

Ava Before:
The longest and straightest of the 3. Down almost to the middle of her back!

Ava During:
She only cried once and was pretty happy as long as she could hold a PINK comb and have a PINK apron on. the girl is obsessed with pink and I've found how to use it to my advantage. :) She's holding on to the pink comb underneath there instead of holding onto the pony. :)

Ava After:
The stylist was even able to put 2 braids in her hair...another first!
She took about 4+ inches off the length and evened it up all around. It doesn't look that much shorter here, but it definitely is nicer and more healthy...believe me!

Alexis Before:
The shortest and most fine hair of the 3. In need of a trim!

Alexis during:
She didn't cry once and actually asked to go next (after Anna was done). She smiled nearly the entire time and let the stylist do what she needed to do. Thank goodness too, since she is the one that really NEEDED this haircut! She got cute little girl bangs and a fun little "bob cut" to fit her spunky personality! She was a Champ!

Alexis After:
This is the best I have of after the cut of Alexis so far. The girls were so busy playing on the slide at the salon and their hair got all static-y and she was practically sweating she was having such a great time. But look at those sweet little bangs! :)

Even though Jeff was leery of getting the girls' hair cut and he didn't want me to go super short with their cuts, he was pleasantly surprised with how good they all looked and he especially liked Alexis' new style!

Friday, February 5, 2010


It's all about finding balance these days.

I find myself balancing all 3 girls when they want me to hold them to read a book....and I don't dare make the mistake of not putting my arms around the 2 girls sitting on the outside legs instead of middle....oh no...arms must reach all the way around to be sure everyone is included. This is getting tougher as they get bigger! :)

I've increased my hours at work. Now I work 65% full time (which means I work 2 days in the office and an additional 10 hours from home each week.) It is certainly something we are all trying to get used to. My parents are still watching the girls while I work, but now instead of coming to our house, I take the girls to their house on those 2 days. It's good for my parents so they can still get a few things done around their house and don't feel "stuck" at mine, and it's also good for the girls to get out and be away from home more often. I love my job, and as you may know, we are opening a new HUGE Ohio Union (student center) on OSU's campus at the end of March. translation: I'm VERY BUSY at work and find myself squeezing work projects into every nap time and many evenings after the girls go to bed.

I've started a jogging program that is training me to run a 5K without walking. I know I could complete a 5K today if I wanted, but I'm pretty sure I'd have to walk part of it. So my goal is to complete one this spring without walking. After I accomplish this, I want to train for a half marathon. (Yup, I just put that in writing....13.1 miles!) So far, I'm on week 5 of my training, and tomorrow I'll be doing a 20 min run, without walking...wish me luck! Oh and did I mention, I HATE RUNNING!?

I'm also trying to plan the girls' 2nd birthday party...I know I want it zoo animal theme, but honestly, I don't have anything else planned. Stay tuned.

I miss chatting with my MoMfia....other Mom's of Multiples...but I know once my job settles down a bit after we open the new building, I'll be able to reconnect with those ladies.

So there you have it....lots going on here. I am planning to do a new post about the girls and all of the words they are saying (or trying to say) now and all of their fun (and sometimes crazy) antics! hopefully coming soon....

So while I'm not sure if I have found the perfect balance for me yet, I'm trying.
I'm trying to be the best mom I can be and be grateful for the opportunity of staying at home and raising my girls.
I'm trying to do the best job I possibly can so I can continue to work on projects I love and keep the great job I have!
I'm trying to find a healthier place for myself and getting and staying active again.

How is your life balanced?