Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Playroom!

Ok, so the title is a bit misleading. It's the same room, just different layout. It is still the great room off of the kitchen, but I've reorganized the room to better contain some of the toys and give the girls easier access to things....with the hopes that one day they will help me pick it up too! I can dream! :)

Instead of placing all of their toys in large baskets which is how we've done it for the past 22 months, I bought a cubby shelf and placed it under the kitchen bar. Alexis is by far the best at helping to put things back where they belong. They are ALL great at taking things out and dumping them too! :)
Even though the girls new kitchen fit well in front of the fireplace (as shown in a few posts ago with Christmas), we needed to move the love seat back in front of the fireplace so we could go out the back door and it can't go along the gate or else we would be experiencing sirens every afternoon as the girls escaped their gated community by repelling down the back! joking, the gate is not alarmed, although I'm sure my dad could rig something up!

So the Kitchen is to the right of kitchen bar and along the gate/hallway.

Here's the "aerial" view. As you can see, they now have their snack table with window seating so they can wave to the mail truck, delivery trucks, garbage trucks, neighbors, dog walkers and pretty much anyone else that looks our way as they pass by the house! :)

Oh and just one more of the wall by the back door, where the aqua doodle is on the wall and where the girls watch "Big Red" as Daddy calls him. The GIANT red squirrel, who just a couple of days ago actually put an entire corn cob in his mouth and climbed a tall tree and tried to eat it all by himself...He almost fell, so he abandoned the mission and the cob is still sitting about 50 feet above the ground. I should take a picture for those that may not believe the story.

And just because I think it's a fun pic of the girls coloring.


SaraBelle said...

Looks awesome, Marie! LOVE the way you've turned the bookshelf sideways. And I LOL at the alarm on the gate . . . good idea!

Beth said...

Wow! The girls are getting so big and I can't believe how long their hair is! They are seriously so beautiful and each have their own look. I just love watching them grow up. And I love organization, as you probably know. The room looks so nice for them to find what they need and want and for them to eventually put things away... some day! ;o)

Grey Family said...
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Grey Family said...

Room looks awesome and so organized!!! The girls look adorable as ever but I love the coloring picture because they are all so perfectly still, comfortable and soooo big!

Chad and Kristina said...

Hi--I just blog hopped from the Johnson triplet girls. Its always fun to find another set of girls so close to mine in age. Your girls are beautiful!!