Tuesday, January 12, 2010

First time playing in the snow!

So we had a really wet snow during the last part of December and the girls finally got to wear their new snow pants and boots! Anna and Alexis seemed to like the snow and were fascinated by the sound their boots made by "crunching" the snow every time they took a step. Ava on the other hand had an instant fit and didn't even want the snow to touch her....which makes walking in it to get to the back yard, quite a chore. We had to carry her....geesh!

I can't believe I have a kid that doesn't like snow. I really can't believe it is the daughter who carries my mom's name as her middle name since my Mom LOVES snow! Regardless, mom and I are hoping we can teach her to love it as much as we do. I started by teaching the first step in enjoying snow...eating it of course! :)

We (translation: I, Marie) built a snowman. Ava insisted on being held while we were out there until I finally showed her that she was just standing on grass left by the path of the snow rolling for the snowman. She tolerated this, but I didn't dare go further than 5 feet from her "safety" zone of grass or she had a melt down. Jeff and Anna and Alexis found the perfect stick arms and a corn cob leftover from the squirrels.

All three seemed to like eating their popsicles and we got a cute pic of Jeff and the girls. Of course when we go to take a pic of me with the girls (which rarely, if ever happens) the neighbors down the way had already made their way towards us and ended up distracting the girls so none of them ended up looking at the camera. Yea, that made me *real* happy. :)

Here's Jeff and the girls and the neighbors before the girls saw them.

Anna and her just-too-cute blond curls!

Ava surprisingly not crying, but instead distracted by a snow popsicle.

And cute Miss Alexis with her wispy hair.


Pyjammy Pam said...

beautiful girls! i wish i could play in the snow. lucky....

SaraBelle said...

You and Jeff aren WAY more brave than Tim & I!!! We haven't ventured out with B&K in the snow yet. Even though we have all of the "gear". It just tires me out thinking about it!

Great pictures!

Beth said...

Great snow pics. Don't worry about Ava, she has your blood running through her. She was made to love snow, it just may take some time! :o) And I just love their hats.