Thursday, November 12, 2009

Big Girl Beds!

With the girls climbing out of their cribs for the past week, we had two choices: buy crib tents at $80 each (yea, x 3= over $240) and get maybe 6 months or so use out of them, or go ahead and transition the girls' cribs into their toddler beds. We chose to switch the cribs into beds!
Since Jeff was off of work yesterday, him and my dad took apart the cribs and made them into toddler beds. So cute! And then they also did a bit of baby proofing to their drawer latches and attaching the dressers to the walls so they can't tip.

I figure sooner or later we would have to deal with the craziness of all 3 running around in their room, so why not save some cash and use what we already have. *We purchased the toddler conversion sets when we bought the cribs and dressers back when I was pregnant so we were all ready for this. We actually even have the next conversion kits for when the girls are ready for full size beds instead of toddler beds. But for now, we'll just focus on the toddler size!*

The girls LOVE their big girl beds! They've been jumping around and running from bed to bed to bed. It's so fun! They love their big girl quilts that Grandma made for them way back before they were even born. It's so nice to finally see them on their beds. I need to take pics and share, I know.

Nap time has been a bit of an adventure....translation: running around, hiding in the curtains, jumping on beds for nearly an hour until finally they listen when I come tell them (sometimes for the 5th time) that they really need to lay in their beds and close their eyes. But they are just having too much fun to slow down. And then Alexis seems to be the one to wake up first and she immediately goes and wakes someone else up and then the 2 of them go and wake the 3rd sister. It's quite cute...except for the lack of sleep they are experiencing. But maybe that is why bedtime has gone so smooth the past two nights. They lay down without a peep and stayed in their bed the entire night last night and I'm hoping the same for tonight. Oh and in case you forgot...the reason I know what happens in their room in so much detail.....Triplet TV (infrared) of course! :) Thanks Dad!!!

So here we are moving on to the next phase....and I love it! Some moms are probably a bit sad when their babies are done with their cribs...but not me. I am really enjoying my daughters becoming little girls instead of babies! Now if we could just finish the diaper thing too....all in time....I'm not quite ready for that challenge yet and don't want to start too early. Maybe this Spring.

Have you voted yet?

So if you haven't done so already, please go vote for the girls in the Multiples and More Halloween Contest! The girls are #38....and since I'm a slacker and didn't realize they were even finalists until yesterday, we are WAY behind in votes, so we need every single one! You need to go to the right side of the page and select #38, then go to the bottom of the list and click submit! Go vote for #38 HERE!

And I just learned yesterday that one of the girls' best friends Kendyll is a finalist in another go HERE and vote for KENDYLL! She's #12 I think, the one with her feet sticking out of the darn cute!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


So I entered the girls into a Halloween costume contest over at the Multiples blog and honestly forgot I did so until I was reading one of my friend's blog and noticed she was a finalist. As I was going through the list of adorable twins, triplets and more....I saw that our girls' picture was a finalist too!!!! AHHHHH!!! So here we go...I need you to vote...and I'm so late and behind...but come on...just click right here and go vote for Anna, Ava and Alexis....we're #38! You have to vote on the right side of the blog...VOTE FOR #38! There are some REALLY cool prizes, so come one...go vote! The girls were the 3 Little Kittens who lost their Mittens....their mittens were pinned on their backs....I know...clever huh?!

So go vote! You can vote up until Thursday the 12th and then it will be narrowed down, so make sure to check back and see if we need to keep voting! ok, now go!

And if you need more should really just go to see all of the ADORABLE pictures of multiples in their halloween costumes! It's crazy that I know so many of the MoM's just by their kids' pictures!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Escape from Alcatraz: Round 2!

So this morning, I got up at the very first peep/rustle that I heard out of the girls room. I ran downstairs so I could watch them on Triplet TV. It took a few minutes of jumping and playing in their cribs, but then it happened.

Alexis put one foot up on the rail (in the corner of her crib so the side was closer) and then just sat on top like she was riding a horse. Then she got back down into her crib. She did this a few times and then Anna did it too. Once she saw Anna up there, Alexis decided that she had to be first out, so she immediately threw a leg over, balanced, then threw the other leg over and gently let herself down. big drop, thud or crash. It was like she was a pro already.
She immediately went over and started taunting Anna, so Anna complied and started to climb over the rails.

Now Anna doesn't seem to have the same crazy strong upper body strength that Alexis does, so I was a bit worried with how this would happen, but she did it the same way and let her self down with ease. She landed a bit harder, but nothing more than like a small jump...and she landed on her feet.

Ava was still trying to do both legs at once, so she clearly didn't watch the other two close enough to realize that she needed to do one leg at a time. She stayed in her crib. I decided I had seen enough so I ran upstairs to get them before they started destroying the room with clothes like yesterday.

I opened the door and there they stood, Anna and Alexis on the floor with the biggest grins and Ava standing in her crib shaking her finger saying "no, no, no." Gotta love that kid. Tattling on her sisters already. Although she doesn't realize that I know if she could have gotten out too, she would have.

Now logic tells me to go buy crib tents TODAY....but a small part of me thinks they did it so easy and smooth, that maybe I should just let it go until they start doing it ALL.THE.TIME. Right now it's just in the morning, so is it causing that much harm?

However, the possibility of them getting hurt scares me so I guess logic takes over right? I'll let you know.

Stay Puff

The girls tried on their new winter coats and snow pants today! I couldn't resist taking a few pics as they giggled, wobbled around and played ring.around.the.rosy. They didn't even want to take them off. My mom found them on a fantastic sale at JCPenney and we were able to get the coats and pants for much less than we were able to find just coats anywhere else! Thanks Mom!

Grandma and Grandpa were here and got to witness the dress rehearsal. They girls loved walking around and listening to the sounds their pants made. It was a riot. I couldn't help but think of the Stay Puff Marshmellow Man from the Ghostbusters movie back in the 80's! It was so fun and these pictures don't do it justice...but thought you might like a peek into what our winter will bring! :) I loved playing out side as a kid and can't wait for my girls to make those memories too!




The girls!

Now we just need to find some boots? Any recommendations for inexpensive winter snow boots?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Uh-Oh...they escaped!

I heard the girls laughing and giggling this morning through the monitor so like every other morning, I went upstairs to get them up for the day.

Well, wasn't I surprised when I walked in to see the floor covered in clothes, dresser drawers open, Ava jumping around in her crib while Anna and Alexis run frantically around the room looking for hiding spots! That's right, they were on the floor running around giggling, which means Anna and Alexis CLIMBED.OUT.OF.THEIR.CRIBS!!! :) I think I startled them and they thought it was funny so they started showing me all of the stuff they had taken out and given to Ava....she had a pile of PJ's in her crib!

I'm not sure why Ava hadn't joined them. Maybe they weren't out for that long. (although by the look of the mess...they at least had a minute or two...they do a lot of damage in short spurts so it's hard to tell.) Or maybe she just hadn't quite figured out how to get over. Either way, I'm so grateful that noone was injured. I've talked to many of my MoM friends today and while it's a much easier (read: not easy, just a tad easier) decision for parents of one child to simply transition to toddler beds when this happens, it's not that cut and dry for Mom's of Multiples. With the girls all sharing a room, when we move them to toddler beds, that means they will have full reign over their room...ALL.TOGETHER.

It means, that instead of napping or going to sleep at night, they will want to run and chase each other. They may take all clothes out of drawers daily...until I remove the dressers. They may even come down stairs, since they are *this close* to opening doors by themselves. Trust me...they come up with a lot more ideas together than when they are by themselves. (like pushing their picnic table in the living room towards the back door and standing on top to flip the outside light on and off. yea...noone can move the table usually takes teamwork of at least 2....and if all three get behind the idea (literally and figuratively)'s so easy! ha!

I can almost guarantee that Alexis was the first out today. She is usually first up and then she stands at one end of her crib and does "shout outs" til the other two wake up. (I know, because I watch her do this on our Triplet TV cameras.) Oh and she has crazy upper body arm strength too, so I'm pretty sure she was first out...and I'm assuming she went over and got Anna. Ava wasn't probably too far behind, but I came in and foiled their plot. :)

So for now, the best suggestions I'm receiving from MoM's is to purchase crib tents. They are exactly how they sound. A mesh, see through, dome shaped tent that attaches to the crib and opens with a zipper from the outside. It's not really my first choice, but seeing as I'm not ready to make the switch to toddler beds and I certainly don't want anyone looks like they are in our near future.

I'm going to watch tonight on the cameras to see if they attempt another escape and if so, I'll be ordering the tents tonight (or searching for them tomorrow.) If they stay put, I'll see what tomorrow brings and pray this morning was just a fluke. but I think I know better.

wish us luck! :)

ps...My dad installed another camera in the girls' room that is actually infrared so it works in the pitch dark. The other color cameras work great during the day and are aimed over each of their individual beds. This one is black and white, but is AMAZING at night and shows all 3 cribs on one I'll be watching for the escape plan to unfold tonight. :) We're so lucky to have a tech-y grandpa that likes to test out new products on us! :) Thanks Dad!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pumpkin Patch!

We took the girls to a local pumpkin farm (two weekends in a row). The first visit was just okay. Anna and Ava liked looking at the pumpkins, but Alexis wanted nothing to do with them. We also made the mistake of taking the girls in their choo choo wagon and it drew WAY too much attention. People were asking where we got it, if they could haul their pumpkins in it, some let their kids climb all over it while we were looking at pumpkins...ugh! It just drew too much attention to the fact that the girls are triplets that it was hard to get them to stay put long enough to get any photos in between answering strangers' questions. Oh well, it was a beautiful day and the girls enjoyed seeing the animals (calves, sheep, pigmy goats, and a minature pony).

The 2nd visit was much, much better. Alexis had a better time, which means we all had a better time. And we were smarter....we didn't take their wagon and just held their hands. I still heard rumblings and got the normal questions...but at least we weren't the spectacle like the week prior. They girls really enjoyed seeing the animals again.

They also had fun with the painted pictures where they could stick their heads out.

I loved seeing them look through the kitty face...
Anna taking a look from both sides! :)

The cutest Scarecrows!

They loved sitting on this painted cow.

And it's always nice to put into perspective how much the girls have grown/changed since last year....

2008 vs 2009

It just so happens that I dressed the girls in the exact same outfits both weekends. The first visit they are wearing their GAP sweatshirts and the next weekend was even nicer and they didn't need them. So no, that wasn't on purpose, it just happened that way.

And a few more random pics!




Monday, November 2, 2009

Segway rides!

So I've been pulling the girls in their choo choo wagon with my dad's segway during tailgates this season. They love it! The buckeye fans love it....heck, even opposing teams love it! So a couple weekends ago, my dad decided that he would let them try it by themselves.....oh my gosh...THEY LOVE IT!

It's hard to get them off of the things. Of course my dad and I are always walking/running right beside the girls to make sure they don't lean too far forward to make it go too fast, but they really do quite well and honestly it shows just how easy the Segways are to ride.

Alexis rode the black one the most.

Anna and Ava rode tandem on the red one.

And then they also like to ride all together.

Are they spoiled or what? All I ever wanted when I was young was a golf cart. And now the girls are growing up with a access to Grandpa's golf cart AND Segways! I sure hope they will realize one day just how fortunate they are. :)

And just because it's funny when they all stand up on the dash of Grandma and Grandpa's RV and watch all of the fans walk by...

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

The girls were a lot of fun this year for halloween. We spent Thursday night in our neighborhood going around to our neighbors and actually trick or treating. I was surprised. I thought the girls wouldn't want to go up to anyone but they did great. They took their pumpkin bags (their purses!) and held them open for neighbors to drop in goodies. They even said Thank You to pretty much everyone. They were a bit frightened by a transformer, spiderman and a few skeletons, but overall, they had a lot of fun!

Saturday (after a long day tailgating) we went to my parent's neighborhood and dressed the girls up again. We went to about 3 houses, but we also drove the golf cart to the other side of the subdivision and saw the Keller's who were visiting family over there. Maddy was the cutest little "Madeline" I've ever seen. It was perfect. But for pictures, you'll have to go to April's blog because we weren't able to get any good ones on our camera.

Can you guess what the girls' costumes were? (no cheating, if I've already told you.)
Be sure to look at all of the pictures to get a full perspective. :)

This pic makes me think of Charlie's Angels for some reason. I guess that can be another choice for Halloween some year! :)

I love how intent Anna is on this sucker she just got.

Anna still holding onto that sucker at the end of the night.

Ava showing her surprised face! :)

Alexis just being cute!

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween too! oh and it helped that the Bucks beat NMS 45-0!!!!