Friday, December 11, 2009

Just for Kay!

As I was trying to talk on the phone tonight to my good friend Kay, the girls decided to not only get things out of the china buffet in the dining room, but they decided to crawl under it!

Doesn't always make it the easiest to talk on the phone while they are all getting into (or under) stuff, but as Kay reminded me...someday I will look back at these days and have to laugh.

So Kay, here's a few pics that I took while we were talking!
Silly, giggling, little girls!

It's been a crazy past month. Ever since we changed the girls's cribs into toddler beds, the nap situation has been interesting and that makes most days pretty interesting too. Not much extra time for blogging. :(


Kay said...

Oh my gosh! First, this cracks me up. Second, they are SOOO big! I think it's time to update your banner because they look so different now. Look at all their teeth!

I have missed out on so much time, so that just means I will have to visit every day when I am there in May. I can't believe they will be two years old...

Thanks for the post and thanks in advance for my holiday treat. :) I will email my address!

Kristen said...

Look how long their hair is getting!!! I should be coming home around the holidays, just not sure what days yet! I will definitely keep you posted!

Kristen said...

Miss you guys!!! Looking for a new update :) Hope all is well and you had a wonderful, happy new year!