Thursday, November 5, 2009

Uh-Oh...they escaped!

I heard the girls laughing and giggling this morning through the monitor so like every other morning, I went upstairs to get them up for the day.

Well, wasn't I surprised when I walked in to see the floor covered in clothes, dresser drawers open, Ava jumping around in her crib while Anna and Alexis run frantically around the room looking for hiding spots! That's right, they were on the floor running around giggling, which means Anna and Alexis CLIMBED.OUT.OF.THEIR.CRIBS!!! :) I think I startled them and they thought it was funny so they started showing me all of the stuff they had taken out and given to Ava....she had a pile of PJ's in her crib!

I'm not sure why Ava hadn't joined them. Maybe they weren't out for that long. (although by the look of the mess...they at least had a minute or two...they do a lot of damage in short spurts so it's hard to tell.) Or maybe she just hadn't quite figured out how to get over. Either way, I'm so grateful that noone was injured. I've talked to many of my MoM friends today and while it's a much easier (read: not easy, just a tad easier) decision for parents of one child to simply transition to toddler beds when this happens, it's not that cut and dry for Mom's of Multiples. With the girls all sharing a room, when we move them to toddler beds, that means they will have full reign over their room...ALL.TOGETHER.

It means, that instead of napping or going to sleep at night, they will want to run and chase each other. They may take all clothes out of drawers daily...until I remove the dressers. They may even come down stairs, since they are *this close* to opening doors by themselves. Trust me...they come up with a lot more ideas together than when they are by themselves. (like pushing their picnic table in the living room towards the back door and standing on top to flip the outside light on and off. yea...noone can move the table usually takes teamwork of at least 2....and if all three get behind the idea (literally and figuratively)'s so easy! ha!

I can almost guarantee that Alexis was the first out today. She is usually first up and then she stands at one end of her crib and does "shout outs" til the other two wake up. (I know, because I watch her do this on our Triplet TV cameras.) Oh and she has crazy upper body arm strength too, so I'm pretty sure she was first out...and I'm assuming she went over and got Anna. Ava wasn't probably too far behind, but I came in and foiled their plot. :)

So for now, the best suggestions I'm receiving from MoM's is to purchase crib tents. They are exactly how they sound. A mesh, see through, dome shaped tent that attaches to the crib and opens with a zipper from the outside. It's not really my first choice, but seeing as I'm not ready to make the switch to toddler beds and I certainly don't want anyone looks like they are in our near future.

I'm going to watch tonight on the cameras to see if they attempt another escape and if so, I'll be ordering the tents tonight (or searching for them tomorrow.) If they stay put, I'll see what tomorrow brings and pray this morning was just a fluke. but I think I know better.

wish us luck! :)

ps...My dad installed another camera in the girls' room that is actually infrared so it works in the pitch dark. The other color cameras work great during the day and are aimed over each of their individual beds. This one is black and white, but is AMAZING at night and shows all 3 cribs on one I'll be watching for the escape plan to unfold tonight. :) We're so lucky to have a tech-y grandpa that likes to test out new products on us! :) Thanks Dad!

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Kitty Laird said...

Please, please post about how this turns out. The same thing is happening here and I can't decide what to do. Our oldest only climbed out once, but the three...well you get it.