Monday, November 2, 2009

Segway rides!

So I've been pulling the girls in their choo choo wagon with my dad's segway during tailgates this season. They love it! The buckeye fans love it....heck, even opposing teams love it! So a couple weekends ago, my dad decided that he would let them try it by themselves.....oh my gosh...THEY LOVE IT!

It's hard to get them off of the things. Of course my dad and I are always walking/running right beside the girls to make sure they don't lean too far forward to make it go too fast, but they really do quite well and honestly it shows just how easy the Segways are to ride.

Alexis rode the black one the most.

Anna and Ava rode tandem on the red one.

And then they also like to ride all together.

Are they spoiled or what? All I ever wanted when I was young was a golf cart. And now the girls are growing up with a access to Grandpa's golf cart AND Segways! I sure hope they will realize one day just how fortunate they are. :)

And just because it's funny when they all stand up on the dash of Grandma and Grandpa's RV and watch all of the fans walk by...


Jennifer said...

I'm going to need a picture of the choo choo pulling!

SaraBelle said...

So cute, Marie! :)

Grey Family said...

WOW! They have grandpa wrapped around their fingers! I love the window picture the best. They are going to be tailgating pros!!