Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pumpkin Patch!

We took the girls to a local pumpkin farm (two weekends in a row). The first visit was just okay. Anna and Ava liked looking at the pumpkins, but Alexis wanted nothing to do with them. We also made the mistake of taking the girls in their choo choo wagon and it drew WAY too much attention. People were asking where we got it, if they could haul their pumpkins in it, some let their kids climb all over it while we were looking at pumpkins...ugh! It just drew too much attention to the fact that the girls are triplets that it was hard to get them to stay put long enough to get any photos in between answering strangers' questions. Oh well, it was a beautiful day and the girls enjoyed seeing the animals (calves, sheep, pigmy goats, and a minature pony).

The 2nd visit was much, much better. Alexis had a better time, which means we all had a better time. And we were smarter....we didn't take their wagon and just held their hands. I still heard rumblings and got the normal questions...but at least we weren't the spectacle like the week prior. They girls really enjoyed seeing the animals again.

They also had fun with the painted pictures where they could stick their heads out.

I loved seeing them look through the kitty face...
Anna taking a look from both sides! :)

The cutest Scarecrows!

They loved sitting on this painted cow.

And it's always nice to put into perspective how much the girls have grown/changed since last year....

2008 vs 2009

It just so happens that I dressed the girls in the exact same outfits both weekends. The first visit they are wearing their GAP sweatshirts and the next weekend was even nicer and they didn't need them. So no, that wasn't on purpose, it just happened that way.

And a few more random pics!





Grey Family said...

I can't believe how much they have grown in a year! They look so much happier the 2nd time around. Good idea to go back so you all could enjoy it! Sorry it was probably a lot more tiring without the wagon though! Glad to see you are back posting and now I can see more pics of the little darlings!!

Kristen said...

Oh my word how they have grown! It's beyond words! Great pics! I love the fall!

Jody said...

They are so cute!