Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

The girls were a lot of fun this year for halloween. We spent Thursday night in our neighborhood going around to our neighbors and actually trick or treating. I was surprised. I thought the girls wouldn't want to go up to anyone but they did great. They took their pumpkin bags (their purses!) and held them open for neighbors to drop in goodies. They even said Thank You to pretty much everyone. They were a bit frightened by a transformer, spiderman and a few skeletons, but overall, they had a lot of fun!

Saturday (after a long day tailgating) we went to my parent's neighborhood and dressed the girls up again. We went to about 3 houses, but we also drove the golf cart to the other side of the subdivision and saw the Keller's who were visiting family over there. Maddy was the cutest little "Madeline" I've ever seen. It was perfect. But for pictures, you'll have to go to April's blog because we weren't able to get any good ones on our camera.

Can you guess what the girls' costumes were? (no cheating, if I've already told you.)
Be sure to look at all of the pictures to get a full perspective. :)

This pic makes me think of Charlie's Angels for some reason. I guess that can be another choice for Halloween some year! :)

I love how intent Anna is on this sucker she just got.

Anna still holding onto that sucker at the end of the night.

Ava showing her surprised face! :)

Alexis just being cute!

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween too! oh and it helped that the Bucks beat NMS 45-0!!!!


Tonya Winningham said...

Well, didn't you have some cuties for Halloween?!?! Very good photos! I love the "charlie's angels" one!!!

Grey Family said...

YAHOO!!!! I came to blogger just to see how the cuties looked!! I love the mittens in the back. What a cute idea! They have grown so fast it is amazing. Their hair is soooooo long. Are they taking prenatal vitamins? HA HA How long does it take you to get all three girls ready when you go somewhere?

WOW!!! Are hair ties etc. like socks...they get lost easy?

BuckeyeBundle said...

Haha! Jules! No, we use tiny, tiny little hair ties that are pretty much one use. Otherwise I probably would go insane trying to find them! and no, they aren't on PNV....but they do eat lots of good fruits and veggies!

SaraBelle said...

Oh my gosh, Marie - the costumes are just adorable! The girls are getting so big! :)

Lani said...

awww. adorable! Gosh their hair has gotten so long and pretty!