Friday, November 6, 2009

Escape from Alcatraz: Round 2!

So this morning, I got up at the very first peep/rustle that I heard out of the girls room. I ran downstairs so I could watch them on Triplet TV. It took a few minutes of jumping and playing in their cribs, but then it happened.

Alexis put one foot up on the rail (in the corner of her crib so the side was closer) and then just sat on top like she was riding a horse. Then she got back down into her crib. She did this a few times and then Anna did it too. Once she saw Anna up there, Alexis decided that she had to be first out, so she immediately threw a leg over, balanced, then threw the other leg over and gently let herself down. big drop, thud or crash. It was like she was a pro already.
She immediately went over and started taunting Anna, so Anna complied and started to climb over the rails.

Now Anna doesn't seem to have the same crazy strong upper body strength that Alexis does, so I was a bit worried with how this would happen, but she did it the same way and let her self down with ease. She landed a bit harder, but nothing more than like a small jump...and she landed on her feet.

Ava was still trying to do both legs at once, so she clearly didn't watch the other two close enough to realize that she needed to do one leg at a time. She stayed in her crib. I decided I had seen enough so I ran upstairs to get them before they started destroying the room with clothes like yesterday.

I opened the door and there they stood, Anna and Alexis on the floor with the biggest grins and Ava standing in her crib shaking her finger saying "no, no, no." Gotta love that kid. Tattling on her sisters already. Although she doesn't realize that I know if she could have gotten out too, she would have.

Now logic tells me to go buy crib tents TODAY....but a small part of me thinks they did it so easy and smooth, that maybe I should just let it go until they start doing it ALL.THE.TIME. Right now it's just in the morning, so is it causing that much harm?

However, the possibility of them getting hurt scares me so I guess logic takes over right? I'll let you know.


Jennifer said...

Hey, Marie. I just want to warn that once they do something once, they usually NEVER STOP!! At least that's true of my kiddos. I know of two little ones who broke their arms getting out of their cribs. I'm sort of a psycho, crazy mom on the safety front, so don't mind me if you're not like that. I am just thinking that Ava will be highly motivated to follow her sisters and she might not get down as gracefully as the other two. Good luck! (by the way, I love their cute snowsuits!).

~Jess said...

Oh my goodness....I can just imagine their reactions to your walking in lol

Anonymous said...

I see crib tents in our future also.

I think (hope) we may have another month, but it is getting closer. Closer to a near heart attack when the "thud" one of the girls make when they hit the floor.

...daddy of