Thursday, November 12, 2009

Big Girl Beds!

With the girls climbing out of their cribs for the past week, we had two choices: buy crib tents at $80 each (yea, x 3= over $240) and get maybe 6 months or so use out of them, or go ahead and transition the girls' cribs into their toddler beds. We chose to switch the cribs into beds!
Since Jeff was off of work yesterday, him and my dad took apart the cribs and made them into toddler beds. So cute! And then they also did a bit of baby proofing to their drawer latches and attaching the dressers to the walls so they can't tip.

I figure sooner or later we would have to deal with the craziness of all 3 running around in their room, so why not save some cash and use what we already have. *We purchased the toddler conversion sets when we bought the cribs and dressers back when I was pregnant so we were all ready for this. We actually even have the next conversion kits for when the girls are ready for full size beds instead of toddler beds. But for now, we'll just focus on the toddler size!*

The girls LOVE their big girl beds! They've been jumping around and running from bed to bed to bed. It's so fun! They love their big girl quilts that Grandma made for them way back before they were even born. It's so nice to finally see them on their beds. I need to take pics and share, I know.

Nap time has been a bit of an adventure....translation: running around, hiding in the curtains, jumping on beds for nearly an hour until finally they listen when I come tell them (sometimes for the 5th time) that they really need to lay in their beds and close their eyes. But they are just having too much fun to slow down. And then Alexis seems to be the one to wake up first and she immediately goes and wakes someone else up and then the 2 of them go and wake the 3rd sister. It's quite cute...except for the lack of sleep they are experiencing. But maybe that is why bedtime has gone so smooth the past two nights. They lay down without a peep and stayed in their bed the entire night last night and I'm hoping the same for tonight. Oh and in case you forgot...the reason I know what happens in their room in so much detail.....Triplet TV (infrared) of course! :) Thanks Dad!!!

So here we are moving on to the next phase....and I love it! Some moms are probably a bit sad when their babies are done with their cribs...but not me. I am really enjoying my daughters becoming little girls instead of babies! Now if we could just finish the diaper thing too....all in time....I'm not quite ready for that challenge yet and don't want to start too early. Maybe this Spring.


Lani said...

Oh my Gosh, you are so brave! I am way too scared to disrupt naptime at this point. I can't afford to lose that time yet:) I am glad it is going so well for you guys!

Grey Family said...

Can't wait to see pictures of the cute room with the big girl beds!

Kitty Laird said...

Ditto on the bravery comment. Not sure we're ready for this transition, but you are inspiring. Oh - and it's nice to hear another mom admit she likes watching her kids get older. Thank you!