Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I recently brought the girls' picnic table (one of their birthday gifts from April and Amanda!) into the house for the girls to have color time and snack time. They love climbing all over it and under and take toys under it like it's their own little club house. Well, last week, here is one of their snack times. I just love the way it unfolds....

All have snacks and Ava thinks this is fun!

Ava is looking outside, Anna is just staring and Alexis is gobbling up her fish crackers!

Alexis has finished and Anna is thinking Ava's crackers look tastier.

Yup, I think I'll try some of hers. In the meantime, Alexis is taking the last two from Anna!

Ava, still happy and giggling. Anna eating her newly acquired crackers and Alexis making a run for it...."Did anyone see me take the extras?" :)


osuapril said...

Love the commentary!!! Great new header. They've gotten so big since their birthday pictures.

Grey Family said...

Thanks for the play by play! I have really missed your blogs for sure! The new header is adorable. The girls are triplets but looks so very different...it will be easy for teachers to tell them apart! They are all three so adorable and the two of you are so very blessed!

Beth said...

Love the new heading. It is so sweet! And I think Alexis got the best deal on the snacks that day... glad to see you guys are doing well! Can you believe it's football season again?!