Saturday, September 5, 2009

First tailgate of the season!

Today was the first home OSU football game which means the first tailgate of the season! The girls had a lot of fun running around with the football, being pulled in their choo choo wagon by Segway and even special rides on the Segway with Grandpa! Jeff and I had a nice time at the game and experienced a great day in Ohio Stadium. We played Navy today and through all of the nice tributes to our armed forces from the band and special videos from soldiers currently on tour, it was just an overall great feeling of pride and sportsmanship. What a great day to be a Buckeye and even better...a proud American. Thanks to all of our service men and women for making it possible for us to live in this great country!

Now on to the pictures!

April and Matt stopped by to hang out and Alexis took the opportunity to be held. That girl loves anyone who will hold her.

She doesn't look happy here, but I swear she was smiling the split second before I snapped the pic. I can never get it on camera!

April and Alexis.

Posing with Brutus in front of the RV!

Getting fun wagon rides from Grandpa on his Segway. (Super fun for both the girls and Segway rider!)

Then they got interested in the Segway.

Alexis and Anna


Today was the first time they ever saw it. Usually when we go over to my parents' house, they want to ride the golf cart or John Deere, but now I am afraid they will want to ride the Segway too. Look what Grandpa started.... :)




And it wouldn't be tailgating without football right?



(I didn't end up getting a pic of her with the football. She was more interested in seeing all of the nearby Brutus' and Anna and Ava kept "intercepting" the ball!)


Ava (look how long her hair is getting!)

Ball hog-Ava

Ava loving playing football with Daddy!

And to sum up our day...

Ava loves football.
Alexis loves Brutus (at least the inflatable kind....that's who she is pointing to in this picture.)
Anna loves Segways.

And we want to thank Grandma and Grandpa for watching the girls so we could go to the game!



Anonymous said...

Impressive fast post! The girls are growing so fast and are ready to be true Buckeyes for sure!! Glad you were able to witness a win, even if it wasn't the most impressive's a W!
-Jules *too lazy to login*

Jody said...

These are so cute. Go Buckeyes!

SaraBelle said...

To cute, Marie! We had a fun time tailgating too! Looking forward to the USC game -- hopefully we can meet up with you & Jeff at some point. :)

Harris Boys said...

I love their team spirit :) marie, they are getting so big!!

Beth said...

SO cute to see them running around with the football. We are doing well... we keep busy for sure. Please email me those yummy recipes you have for freezing... I am planning to cook and freeze dinners a day in October!