Wednesday, August 12, 2009

1.5 (aka 17 months!)

Happy 17 months girlies! (even if I am a tad late)
They are keeping us busy and running/climbing/jumping/exploring EVERYWHERE! There is so much energy in our house (well maybe with the exception of me at the end of the day) and my new favorite thing they all do is to show us how excited they are! If you ask them if they are excited, then they will smile real BIG (almost like an open mouth gritting of the teeth) and shake their heads. It's kind of hard to explain, so I need to get it on video.

They are also big kissers and huggers right now. And just this past week, they started to try and hold each other's hands. They will hold our hands when walking somewhere, but usually didn't want anyone else to touch them. Now, they are giving in a bit and will hold hands for a few moments. So sweet.

No great pics lately, except we went with Grandpa on his golf cart (one of the girls' favorite things to do) and drove to one of the ponds in their neighborhood to feed the ducks. Well the ducks swam away, but the geese were more than willing to eat a bit of bread. Here's a quick pic before we left of the girls sitting on a bench near the pond. Instead of looking at the camera, they all were still checking out the geese!
We've been REALLY busy since I last posted. (2 birthday parties, 10 days of dreaded sickness only Anna and Jeff escaped the wrath, a trip to the State Fair, a couple trips to the zoo, I attended a baby shower last weekend and have another one this Sat., and lots and lots of wagon rides around the block!) Hopefully I will get back in the swing of things and start posting more regularly again. Hope your summer is going well!


Tonya Winningham said...

They are just adorable, Marie!

tbonegrl said...

Those pics are so cute! We were so excited to see you all on the golf cart the other day!