Monday, July 13, 2009

Playing Piano

One of the girls' favorite activities right now is to run to the dining room and ask to play the piano. I think Alexis likes to play the most. Anna is always trying to either get on or off of the bench. Ava likes to play if everyone else is playing...such the little copy cat. :)


~Jess said...

They are so absolutely adorable lol I tell ya' what: If you can get all of them to play together, they could play some pretty complex pieces when they're older :-)

Every time I see them, their pictures look so much like my godmother's daughters when they were babies.

Harris Boys said...

the boys LOVE my mom's piano...its the first place they go when we visit my parents!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ahh, piano time. Glenn loves grandma's pianos. Yes - she owns 2 (piano teacher). With all those fingers those girls have, there must be lots of beautiful music in the house. My piano parenting tip (if you even need it) is the one-finger rule. When Glenn does play we try our best to have him only use his index fingers to play. It decreases the time it eventually takes to escalate to 5-finger banging. :-) Bethany