Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4th Festivities!

Happy Belated 4th of July! It's better late than never right?

On Friday we had a quick, throw-it-together BBQ with our friends, Keller's, Barwick's, Harris', and Quisenberry's. The chicken was great and the weather was so nice. The kids had a great time playing together and giving and taking rides on the neighbor Bryce's JD tractor/trailer and then our "new" JD Gator. Yes, the girls are too small for a Gator, but the deal was too good to pass up. My dad's neighbor was throwing it out because it was broken. Being the fix-it man he is, my dad had it fixed and ready to go in 10 minutes and brought it over as a surprise! Since the girls are too young to drive themselves, they enjoyed riding in the tailgate as Levi or Bryce drove them around. So fun! As soon as Anna saw it for the first time, she started crying. I thought it was because she was afraid or something. Come to find out, I think she though it was Grandpa's golf cart (which the girls love to go for rides in) and she wanted a ride. She was so happy to ride in the back of the tailgate or in the trailer of Bryce's tractor. Thanks for the rides boys! Brooklyn, Maddy and our girls loved being driven around in style! Oh and check out the girls cute little Flag in the shape of USA shirts from Grandma! Thanks Mom!

Here Levi is driving Brooklyn, Maddy and Anna & Tank the Turtle of course! :)

Bryce pulling Anna in his trailer. (the trailer accidentally tipped once and Anna fell out. We thought she was crying because she was hurt, but she was crying because we took her out of the trailer. As soon as we put her back in, she stopped crying. Silly Bear.)

Alexis and Maddy enjoying "tailgating" while Levi drives and Brooklyn navigates!

Bryce was happy to drive anyone willing to ride. Here is Ava in the trailer.

Saturday morning we went to our local parade and the girls enjoyed watching big trucks, bands and dogs go by. Everything else, wasn't as interesting to them. I bet once they discover candy, the parade idea will be much more interesting!

Then Saturday afternoon/evening we went to our friends Sara and Tim's big 4th of July party and the girls got to play with Bennett and Kendyll and several other sets of twins. At one point, there were 4 sets of twins, our girls, and one other girl in the playroom. Quite funny when you look around and see all of these multiples! The food was great and we had a nice time hanging out!
The girls have been a bit crabby, but it could just be all of the extra festivities and bumps in their schedules, but overall it was a great weekend. Of course it was topped on Sunday when we learned of the newest addition to the family!

Hope you all enjoyed the holiday weekend. God Bless America!


Kristen Callaway said...

YEAH!! Great Updates! Glad to hear your summer is going well! Tell Tammy and the fam I said Congratulations on baby Austin!

Grey Family said...

Too funny this is the 2nd blog I have seen tonight with the cool tractors! :)