Wednesday, June 3, 2009

1.3 (aka 15 months!)

The girls are 15 months old today! They are so active and so much fun to be around. 
Since we are 3 months past one year, I thought I would list 3 of my favorite things about each of them.

1. Anna gives the best hugs! She lays her head down and nestles right in. Sometimes she will even pat your back! :)
2. Anna's's kind of a sway side to side while lifting her feet, and then she tilts her head too...quite entertaining!
3. Anna's giggle is so infectious! She cracks up at her sisters and once they make her laugh, it continues for a while. It's such a funny giggle and you can't help but laugh with her!

1. BLINK!  If you ask her to blink, she will blink her eyes ever so softly and girly. And she just gives you this sweet little innocent look, like "I know I'm cute, you can say it." 
2. Ava is a total copy cat. If she sees someone else getting a fun reaction, then she will immediately go and try to reinact. She learns new actions VERY quickly!
3. Ava is the best kisser! She loves to pucker up and especially before bedtime, she will stand in her crib all puckered up and insist on giving more kisses to both Jeff and I even though we've kissed her 5 times already! 

1. Our little Wiggler! If you just say wiggle, she will move her shoulders back and forth and up and down and does the cutest little wiggle. It started with her and Jeff and now she does it back to me. So funny to see her do it.
2. Our little high stepper! She just learned to do this funny little dance where she throws one leg really high up and steps around the room while also flailing her arms around high. It's hard to explain, but imagine her walking normal with her left leg, but every time she steps with her right it's really high and straight out in front of her, so she ends up off balance and having fun!
3. She loves to be chased! And the look she gives you over her shoulder as she looks back is priceless. So fun and excited and oh the giggles!

I hope to have pictures up later this week. Let's just say they weren't quite in the mood for pictures today, if you know what I mean. 


Harris Boys said...

I know what you mean :)

happy 15 months beautiful girls!!!

(be nice to mommy tomorrow) :)

tbonegrl said...

congrats girls!