Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day Jeff! The girls are so lucky to have you for their dad and I'm grateful to have such a wonderful husband to hold my hand down this crazy path called parenthood!
Love you!
Marie, Anna, Ava & Alexis

Also special Father's Day wishes go out to my Dad (The Super Dad and Grandpa that he is!), my brother Todd, Jeff's brothers Scott and Darrell and our brother-in-laws, Bill and Cliff. Hope you all have a wonderful day, you deserve it!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Pay Forward.

**This post is long but worth it!**

Today I had quite a few plans for things to do and places to go, however I never ever could have imagined what actually happened today. 

We started the day by going to my friend's, April, Amanda and Sarah's garage sale and gobbling up some BOY clothes for my sister who is expecting a son in less than a month!

Then we drove across town to the Eddie Bauer warehouse and found a few deals like new flip flops and a cool crank up LED lantern for when the power goes out. (We can even plug in our cell phones...too cool...and cheap!)

On our way across town, Jeff and I were having a conversation about Faith. I am a person of Faith. I truly believe all things will work out the way they are supposed to and naive or not, I believe good will always win. I like to think the best of people. Jeff on the other hand, tends to be more of a realist and certainly has doubts about things and sometimes people. It's not that he is pessimistic, but he needs a little more "see it, to believe it" kind of action. I on the other hand, just believe. Not that either way is better, but we do look at things through slightly different lenses sometimes.  *I know this part doesn't seem like it matters to this story, but keep reading....

Even though we knew we were pushing it since the girls hadn't had their morning nap, we decided we needed to eat and would try a sit down restaurant. It's been awhile since we have taken the girls out to eat with just us. Usually, or lately I guess, if we do go out, it is with my parents or sister and family which is always nice to have extra people to hold, help and entertain the girls. But we thought we would give it a whirl today.  The girls were fantastic. Only a few shout outs (read: 1 meltdown by Ava and 1 by Alexis) during our meal. And those were short lived as Jeff and I kept our cool and patience and just stayed calm. 

Our waitress was super speedy, efficient, and friendly. She had the girls' meals out SUPER.FAST!  Once we had all of our food, I asked her to bring the check and explained, I never know when we may have to BOLT for the door, so I like to be prepared. So shortly she brought our bill and laid it on the table. Next thing we know she comes back and said she thinks she gave us the wrong bill and picks it up. We think nothing of it and just continue with our meal. As we are finishing up, I notice she still hasn't brought back our correct check, so I asked her for it again and she says "Oh, it was already taken care of."   Huh?  Jeff and I both reply, "What? What do you mean taken care of?" 

I start thinking it is because I didn't finish hardly any of my chicken on my plate and she had asked me if it was ok and I said I just wasn't as hungry as I thought.  So I start thinking that is why our meal was taken care of...maybe a manager wanted us to be happy with the meal or something. Which we already were, I really just wasn't as hungry and got occupied with the girls.  I digress.... 

She replied that someone had pulled her off to the side and had wanted to pay for our meal. "What?!" Jeff and I both ask "Who?" so we could thank them for their kind, thoughtful generosity and of course to protest their action, but she replied that she wouldn't tell us and it didn't matter anyway, because they had already left. *I'm not sure if that part was true, but I think she was obviously abiding by the generous person's wishes, not to tell us who had been so kind.*  

We were flabbergasted, to say the least. I seriously almost cried (as I am now re-telling the story). It was such a kind, thoughtful, selfless action that I just don't see as much in today's world....and it renewed my FAITH and I think it helped Jeff's too. As we were walking to our truck and loading the girls, I looked at Jeff and asked "Does that help renew your FAITH that there are good people left in this world?" To which he replied, "Absolutely!"

We've decided since we weren't able to thank the actual person, we will PAY FORWARD their actions. There's something to be said for performing such a thoughtful deed for someone else without recognition. We intend to find a special person or family and let our actions speak louder than our words. Hopefully it will touch them as much as it has our family and maybe even renew their FAITH too.

Maybe it has never happened to you (this is our first time), but it can start with YOU. I challenge each of you to pay forward a random act of kindness and start renewing FAITH wherever you go. I know for a fact this has started a ball rolling for our family. It was such an overwhelming feeling of support, happiness, validation, love and kindness that we felt today and I hope we can share that with someone else very soon! 

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

1.3 (aka 15 months!)

The girls are 15 months old today! They are so active and so much fun to be around. 
Since we are 3 months past one year, I thought I would list 3 of my favorite things about each of them.

1. Anna gives the best hugs! She lays her head down and nestles right in. Sometimes she will even pat your back! :)
2. Anna's's kind of a sway side to side while lifting her feet, and then she tilts her head too...quite entertaining!
3. Anna's giggle is so infectious! She cracks up at her sisters and once they make her laugh, it continues for a while. It's such a funny giggle and you can't help but laugh with her!

1. BLINK!  If you ask her to blink, she will blink her eyes ever so softly and girly. And she just gives you this sweet little innocent look, like "I know I'm cute, you can say it." 
2. Ava is a total copy cat. If she sees someone else getting a fun reaction, then she will immediately go and try to reinact. She learns new actions VERY quickly!
3. Ava is the best kisser! She loves to pucker up and especially before bedtime, she will stand in her crib all puckered up and insist on giving more kisses to both Jeff and I even though we've kissed her 5 times already! 

1. Our little Wiggler! If you just say wiggle, she will move her shoulders back and forth and up and down and does the cutest little wiggle. It started with her and Jeff and now she does it back to me. So funny to see her do it.
2. Our little high stepper! She just learned to do this funny little dance where she throws one leg really high up and steps around the room while also flailing her arms around high. It's hard to explain, but imagine her walking normal with her left leg, but every time she steps with her right it's really high and straight out in front of her, so she ends up off balance and having fun!
3. She loves to be chased! And the look she gives you over her shoulder as she looks back is priceless. So fun and excited and oh the giggles!

I hope to have pictures up later this week. Let's just say they weren't quite in the mood for pictures today, if you know what I mean. 

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Monday, June 1, 2009

Friends, Pig tails and tank tops!

Nothing quite says SUMMER like...

Visits from Friends!
My friend Kay, who used to work at OSU with me, came into town for a visit. She always is so kind and makes time to come up to see the girls and me too of course anytime she is in town! :) Too bad she deleted ALL of my pics from her visit except these two below....she didn't like how the others looked or if any of the girls were crying, she didn't want them posted because she didn't want anyone to know that they cried when she was here. Silly Kay! So this is all I have from her visit (she came to my parent's house while I got ready for the garage sale.) We had a nice time catching up and when she went to leave, Alexis didn't want to let her go. She kept holding her arms up and wanting Kay to pick her up. So sweet. Althought I don't think it made it easy on Kay leaving...she really does love these girls. We were so glad to see her, but sad that it may be another year before she gets back into town. Good thing we have Skype to stay in touch! We miss you Kay!

Pig Tails & Tank Tops!
I made a 2nd attempt to put pig tails in Ava's hair yesterday. It went better than the first time and I think it came out really cute. Too bad the back started to fall out after her nap, they were ridiculous, but cute nonetheless. And these cute little tank tops were from Aunt Rhonda and Aunt Emily! Gotta love the comforts of Summer! Thanks Rhonda and Emily!
I thought I had an individual pic of Alexis too, but it seems all of them are a bit blurred. :(