Monday, May 4, 2009

Piggy tails and fruity shirts!

I'm getting pretty good at the one sided spikey pig tail on Anna and Ava, but this is my first attempt at two pig tails for Ava. Let's just's not going to happen very often yet. I have to bribe her with a cookie (graham cracker) just to put the spikey one I didn't make it through 2 pig tails without plenty of bribes, cheerios and a few tears. But doesn't it look so cute?!

Of course she smiles as soon as I give her the brush so she can :)

Their shirts were a gift from our friend Shannon who someone make them. I love the hand painted fruit and their names. So fun!

Ava: "Hey Alexis, you have grapes on your shirt!"

Alexis:"I do? Where?!"  

Ava has a strawberry on her shirt and here is Anna in her pear shirt!
Such a cute gift, thanks Shannon!


Rachael said...

those shirts are adorable + so are the pig tails! my girls love to put ponies or pig tails in their hair, but they cry through the entire process, screaming no. but if i stop they get upset because they want the pretties, lol!

Anonymous said...

Very cute! I wish had enough hair to do anything with...I try to use clips to tame the spikes, but she just pulls them right out. - sarah harmacek

Amanda said...

just keep putting stuff in their hair. I now have brooklyn sitting still long enuf to do french braided pigtails!