Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hats and Spring Flowers!

Trying on daddy's favorite (aka: dirty, disgusting, but comfy) Harley hat.

Then we headed to play outside....(aka...look for pretty dandelions in the tall overgrown yard behind us.)
Alexis finding the perfect one to pick. 

Ava sitting with Daddy discussing the pretty flowers.

Anna taking a stroll along the sidewalk. 

All of the girls checking out the few tulips I have left that survived the hard rains we have had lately. 

Their shirts were gifts from my good friend Sara who had them made for the girls' birthday. They are super cute and she even had them made in their own special colors. We love them, thanks Sara! Here's a link to her friend, Sarah, that made the shirts. 


Rachael said...

what beautiful pictures of the girls! i love their shoes, they are darling!

SavvySarahDesigns said...

wow! how neat to see my shirts on such BEAUTIFUL little girls!
your girls are darling!

SaraBelle said...

I am so glad you all like the shirts! They look darling on the girls (and I LOVE their little matching skirts!). B&K love to play with Tim's hats, too -- so gross, but if it makes them happy then I say go for it! :-)

Oh, and I just noticed I'm the third person to use the word "darling". Ha!