Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The good, the bad, the very good, the ugly and the good again!

The Good:
So you know how I was looking forward to Jeff and I getting away for 2 nights to go to his H.S. Reunion last weekend?  That was supposed to be something really good. I know I was looking forward to it!

The Bad:
Alexis came down with a really high fever last Wed. and it lasted until Sat. morning!  She didn't have any other symptoms other than being a bit lethargic and wanting to snuggle and be held. But nothing else seemed wrong. I called the Dr. (twice) and both times they told me she was probably just fighting something viral and we just had to ride it out and treat it as we already were...rest and motrin.  This along with the fact that my mom got cold sores (from sitting out in the sun too long last weekend at our garage sale) convinced me that I had to stay home and miss out on our fun weekend. Jeff left Friday without me. :(  Let's just say I was REALLY bummed. I knew I needed to stay home for Alexis and I didn't want the girls to possibly catch the cold sores from my mom, but I was still disappointed. 

The Very Good:
When Alexis woke up without a fever on Saturday and it stayed that way all morning, my mind started putting a plan together. There was still a part II to the reunion weekend and I could possibly make it if my dad was up for it.  I called him and he was. He came over Saturday afternoon so I could go out and get a mani/pedi. Then I left at about 7pm on Saturday night and drove 2 hours alone (heaven) to where Jeff's reunion was to try and surprise him!  My dad had agreed to stay at our house with the girls and watch them the next morning until I got back. I called Jeff once I arrived and told him I couldn't hear him very well because it was too loud where he was, so I asked if he could step outside....hehe, I'm so smart!.....anyway, he steps out into the parking lot while we're on the phone. He proceeds to tell me who he is running into and some fun stories already, when I walk out of the dark and into where he can see me. You should have seen the look on his face. He was like "Um, I'm on the phone with you, how are you here?!" It was a great surprise and we had a fantastic time with friends. We stayed over night at his sister's house and then got up the next morning and drove home. Not without stopping for breakfast (McD's...but hey, it was still 30 mins we got to eat alone....again, heaven!)  Then we both got into our vehicles, (yea, that was the only bad part, we both had to drive home, but oh well, I'm sure we both enjoyed the 2 hours of quiet...I did). 

The Ugly:
When I get home, my dad tells me that everything is fine and the girls were great BUT....Alexis now has a rash over her entire body!  YIKES!  now I feel horrible for leaving her, but my dad assures me that she has not had a fever the entire time and seems to be fine, just a bit tired. So he had already called my mom and she looked everything up and seemed to think Alexis has Roseola. So since it is not a big deal he didn't want to call and bother me and decided to wait until I got home. That was nice, since there wasn't anything I could do anyway. I still felt a bit guilty though. After placing a call into the on-call Dr. we confirm that she does indeed have Roseola and now that she has the rash, she is on the tail end of it. Whew!  I guess Roseola is a high fever for a few days without symptoms and then once the fever disappears, a rash appears. How odd.....but do you want to know something even more interesting?  My mom read that although 90% of kids are exposed to it, only 1 out of 3 get it.  I guess Alexis is my 1 out of 3. Kind of nuts when we can exhibit our own statistics. :)

The Good Again!:
So today, Alexis' rash seems to be disappearing and she is starting to get more of her spunk back!  Today is my day in the office, but my mom still has one cold sore, so I still didn't want her watching the girls (better to be overly cautious) and my SUPER DAD said he was still willing to watch the girls BY.HIMSELF for the entire day while I went to work!  Seriously? Do I have the best parents or what?!!!  If you remember, my mom broke her ankle and had surgery about 4 weeks ago and my dad has been taking care of the girls on my one day in the office....but my mom usually accompanies him to help if needed. Well, today he flew solo for the entire day and did great...just like I knew he would. He always has been an amazing pilot.  Thanks Dad!  And mom, I hope you feel better real soon...I'm sure dad does too! ha! :)


Harris Boys said...

aww what incredible parents you have!! and what a great surprise for Jeff. I know exactly how you feel about needing to get away, even for one night!!

glad to hear alexis is feeling better. I hope your mom feels better soon!!! and pat on the back for your dad!

Grey Family said...

Great post! I bet Jeff enjoyed having his wife there just as much as you enjoyed going there. How many times did you look in the mirror to look at the girls??? :)

Glad Alexis is feeling better!

GO KEN GO!!! Get well Alexis and Jane! ;)

Lani said...

Your dad is amazing! I can't even walk out to the mailbox and leave my dad in charge- he'd pull his hair out!
Glad you got to make the reunion after all!

tbonegrl said...

That is so awesome! What a surprise! I'm glad you were able to go for part of it!

Hilary said...

Okay, this might sound kind of weird but I just HAD to leave a comment on your blog. I saw a comment you left on another blog that I read and when I saw your "buckeyebundle" username, I was curious and checked out your profile and blog since I am a buckeye too (I am a junior at OSU)! I looked through your blog archive to read a little bit of your story and thought it was cool that you are working on the new union construction...I live literally right across the street from the construction site. I am also a volunteer in the OSU Medical Center NICU, although I wasn't a volunteer at the time your girls were in there. Just wanted to say hi to a fellow buckeye!