Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The good, the bad, the very good, the ugly and the good again!

The Good:
So you know how I was looking forward to Jeff and I getting away for 2 nights to go to his H.S. Reunion last weekend?  That was supposed to be something really good. I know I was looking forward to it!

The Bad:
Alexis came down with a really high fever last Wed. and it lasted until Sat. morning!  She didn't have any other symptoms other than being a bit lethargic and wanting to snuggle and be held. But nothing else seemed wrong. I called the Dr. (twice) and both times they told me she was probably just fighting something viral and we just had to ride it out and treat it as we already were...rest and motrin.  This along with the fact that my mom got cold sores (from sitting out in the sun too long last weekend at our garage sale) convinced me that I had to stay home and miss out on our fun weekend. Jeff left Friday without me. :(  Let's just say I was REALLY bummed. I knew I needed to stay home for Alexis and I didn't want the girls to possibly catch the cold sores from my mom, but I was still disappointed. 

The Very Good:
When Alexis woke up without a fever on Saturday and it stayed that way all morning, my mind started putting a plan together. There was still a part II to the reunion weekend and I could possibly make it if my dad was up for it.  I called him and he was. He came over Saturday afternoon so I could go out and get a mani/pedi. Then I left at about 7pm on Saturday night and drove 2 hours alone (heaven) to where Jeff's reunion was to try and surprise him!  My dad had agreed to stay at our house with the girls and watch them the next morning until I got back. I called Jeff once I arrived and told him I couldn't hear him very well because it was too loud where he was, so I asked if he could step outside....hehe, I'm so smart!.....anyway, he steps out into the parking lot while we're on the phone. He proceeds to tell me who he is running into and some fun stories already, when I walk out of the dark and into where he can see me. You should have seen the look on his face. He was like "Um, I'm on the phone with you, how are you here?!" It was a great surprise and we had a fantastic time with friends. We stayed over night at his sister's house and then got up the next morning and drove home. Not without stopping for breakfast (McD's...but hey, it was still 30 mins we got to eat alone....again, heaven!)  Then we both got into our vehicles, (yea, that was the only bad part, we both had to drive home, but oh well, I'm sure we both enjoyed the 2 hours of quiet...I did). 

The Ugly:
When I get home, my dad tells me that everything is fine and the girls were great BUT....Alexis now has a rash over her entire body!  YIKES!  now I feel horrible for leaving her, but my dad assures me that she has not had a fever the entire time and seems to be fine, just a bit tired. So he had already called my mom and she looked everything up and seemed to think Alexis has Roseola. So since it is not a big deal he didn't want to call and bother me and decided to wait until I got home. That was nice, since there wasn't anything I could do anyway. I still felt a bit guilty though. After placing a call into the on-call Dr. we confirm that she does indeed have Roseola and now that she has the rash, she is on the tail end of it. Whew!  I guess Roseola is a high fever for a few days without symptoms and then once the fever disappears, a rash appears. How odd.....but do you want to know something even more interesting?  My mom read that although 90% of kids are exposed to it, only 1 out of 3 get it.  I guess Alexis is my 1 out of 3. Kind of nuts when we can exhibit our own statistics. :)

The Good Again!:
So today, Alexis' rash seems to be disappearing and she is starting to get more of her spunk back!  Today is my day in the office, but my mom still has one cold sore, so I still didn't want her watching the girls (better to be overly cautious) and my SUPER DAD said he was still willing to watch the girls BY.HIMSELF for the entire day while I went to work!  Seriously? Do I have the best parents or what?!!!  If you remember, my mom broke her ankle and had surgery about 4 weeks ago and my dad has been taking care of the girls on my one day in the office....but my mom usually accompanies him to help if needed. Well, today he flew solo for the entire day and did great...just like I knew he would. He always has been an amazing pilot.  Thanks Dad!  And mom, I hope you feel better real soon...I'm sure dad does too! ha! :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Where did May go?

May is always a month I look forward to because it promises nice days and weather to get outside! But where oh where did May go?  I was doing so well with updates and then BAM!  But in my defense, we spent every day of last week at my parent's house preparing for a garage sale. While the girls napped, I tagged clothes and sorted by size etc. Last weekend we had the sale at my parents' house and it was a HUGE success!  My sister and I both sold a LOT of stuff. She had tons of misc. household and scrapbook items and I had TONS of girl clothes and baby items that we are officially done with! YEA!  My nephew Thomas even sold a ton of his toys and made out quite well.  Although it was fun and very successful, I'm glad it's over. It was a lot of work!  

This weekend is Jeff's HS reunion so we are venturing out for our first trip away from the girls. We'll only be gone for 2 nights, but I have to say I'm really looking forward to getting away. Not that I won't miss the girls dearly, but it will be nice to take a 2 hour drive and be able to talk to Jeff and not be worried about if the girls are going to wake up or cry or need something. And geez, I might even take a nap!  :)  

My parents will be watching the girls while we are gone and I know it will all go well. I told my mom, I wasn't worried about the girls. They will be fine and not miss a beat. I was feeling guilty about leaving them with the girls while my mom is still laid up because of her ankle. But her and my dad insist that it's no big deal, so we're headed out on Friday!  Hope you all have a great memorial day weekend too!

Thanks to all of those past, present and future soldiers fighting to keep us safe and allowing us to live in such a wonderful world!  I'm so grateful. 

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A day for moms.

There is so much to say about today. It is just a day, yet it can mean so much. Last year I barely remember Mother's Day since it was during the "first 3 months daze" but this year is different. This year, I am more confident as a mom and feel like it is more real. It's been an interesting year for me. Mostly all good, but there have certainly been moments when I felt like I had lost myself and would think "Who am I and where in the world has Marie gone?" But for all that I have lost, I have gained three-fold. 
some serious and some funny reflections from the past year:

I have lost sleep, but have so many dreams for my girls.
I have lost my patience a time or two, but I have been given the chance to find it too.
I have lost time for myself, but have been given days filled with tickles and giggles.
I have lost good parking spots, but have gained a trucker's point of view.
I have lost touch with friends, but I have begun new friendships and sparked up some old ones too. 
I have lost track of time, and have grown lovely dark roots
....although I got "new" hair yesterday! woohoo, I'm fake blonde again!! :)
I have lost the ease of eating out, but I have gained a packed folder of take out menus. 
I have lost time with Jeff, but I have gained a deeper bond with him as parents. 

As I reflect back on the past year and look at the times when I whined or boo hooed that I didn't feel like me anymore, I now realize that I was right....I'm not just Marie anymore and I thank God I'm not.
I'm so proud to say, 
I'm ME.
I'm Ma ma.
I'm a Mom--the most rewarding title I will EVER have. 
now if I can just remember this on those challenging days, we'll be all set right?! :)

I have lost nothing. I have only gained time, opportunities, experiences and life with Anna, Ava and Alexis! I can't think of anything better than that. 

A special Happy Mother's day to my mom, Jane, my sister, Tammy, Jeff's sister Rhonda, and our sister in law's Michele, Julia and Emily as well as to all of my friends both in real life and in blogger world! Happy Mother's day, love you all!! 

Friday, May 8, 2009

Aunt Kiki!

Last week, Aunt Kiki came to visit us! She stayed the whole day to play and while the girls napped, it was nice to get some girl talk time too! Gosh, every time I see her, it just makes me miss her even more. The girls love her so much too!  

Here are the girls listening to her read a story. 

Kristen and Anna. Look at Anna's funny smirk! :)

Me and Ava!

Alexis with Aunt Kiki! 

We always try to get the group shot, but it's really getting hard...and comical! 

Ava pondering what she can get into next!

Alexis had just scrapped her nose the day before, so it still looked pretty sore. :(

And then we took the girls outside for a wagon ride and enjoyed the beautiful day!

Thanks for coming to visit Kristen! We love you lots and miss you more! 

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Statue of Liberty or Olivia N. John?

Inspired by my friend Rachael's pictures of her trio wearing fun items as hats, I thought it was time to share Anna's obsession with hat-ly objects too.

What do you think...
Statue of Liberty or Olivia Newton John? :)

I need to get pics of Ava and Alexis too, they have joined in on the fun, but Anna does it most often of the three.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Flying Colors!

Yesterday while I went to work, my dad and mom watched the girls. My mom was able to rest a bit on the couch and prop her leg on the ottoman.....well as much resting as you get when three 1 year olds want to be held and crawl all over you. My dad took care of the girls and their needs and played with them all day. He did it ALL! Sounds like they had a great day and my dad passed with flying colors....which I knew he would. I was just happy to hear that the girls were nice and good all day.
I'm so grateful for both of them being willing to watch the girls under the circumstances. It really helps so much and I don't know what we would do with them. Thanks mom and dad!!!


It's been awhile, but I still wanted to share....the girls had their very first popsicles about a week ago at Maddy's house. I think Aunt April just wanted to be sure that she was going to be a favorite stop! :) 
We had a great time playing outside in the yard and Maddy showed the girls her new playset complete with climbing wall and big girl slide. 

Isn't she so cute?

Then of course, a wagon ride was in order, but the girls aren't used to sharing seats, so Ava had to sit on the floor at first....

but I guess she decided she didn't like that and she made Maddy scoot over. :)  
Maddy was, as always, the gracious hostess....just like her mom!

Thanks for the playtime Keller's!  

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hats and Spring Flowers!

Trying on daddy's favorite (aka: dirty, disgusting, but comfy) Harley hat.

Then we headed to play outside....(aka...look for pretty dandelions in the tall overgrown yard behind us.)
Alexis finding the perfect one to pick. 

Ava sitting with Daddy discussing the pretty flowers.

Anna taking a stroll along the sidewalk. 

All of the girls checking out the few tulips I have left that survived the hard rains we have had lately. 

Their shirts were gifts from my good friend Sara who had them made for the girls' birthday. They are super cute and she even had them made in their own special colors. We love them, thanks Sara! Here's a link to her friend, Sarah, that made the shirts. 

Monday, May 4, 2009


Unfortunately, my mom slipped on some cardboard last Thursday night while she was getting the recycling ready to set out at the curb....and broke her ankle! Poor thing. My dad saw it happen and he said he knew it was broken because no leg should ever do what her's did. Bend in the wrong place!  So after spending way too long in the ER, they admitted her to the hospital and she had surgery last Friday where they had to put in screws and plates to fix the bones (yes, that's right, she broke both leg bones). Now she has a big splint cast up to her knee and has to stay off of it completely for at least 6 weeks!  Yikes!  My mom is super active and always on the go and let's be honest...she takes care of ALL of us, so this is really putting a damper on her plans. But we're all very grateful that she didn't break any other bones during her fall or hit her head making us all realize it could have been worse.  

My dad is going to watch the girls for me tomorrow (my one day in the office) while my mom tells him what to do from the couch. Thanks for being a team player Dad and pinch hitting for Mom tomorrow! I know you'll do great! I just hope the girls are happy little people! 

Keep my mom in your thoughts for a healthy and speedy recovery! And think of my dad as he is changing way too many diapers tomorrow! :)

Piggy tails and fruity shirts!

I'm getting pretty good at the one sided spikey pig tail on Anna and Ava, but this is my first attempt at two pig tails for Ava. Let's just say....it's not going to happen very often yet. I have to bribe her with a cookie (graham cracker) just to put the spikey one in....so I didn't make it through 2 pig tails without plenty of bribes, cheerios and a few tears. But doesn't it look so cute?!

Of course she smiles as soon as I give her the brush so she can do.it.herself. :)

Their shirts were a gift from our friend Shannon who someone make them. I love the hand painted fruit and their names. So fun!

Ava: "Hey Alexis, you have grapes on your shirt!"

Alexis:"I do? Where?!"  

Ava has a strawberry on her shirt and here is Anna in her pear shirt!
Such a cute gift, thanks Shannon!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

1.2 (aka 14 months!)

Today the girls are 14 months old! Geesh, April flew by. Although I have to admit, I'm kind of glad. May is such a fun month and I look forward to nicer weather and getting out of the house with the girls more.  In honor of a new month, here's a funny story. The girls have learned that certain things will grant them a "no, no, no" from mommy with me shaking my finger back and forth. Well, they have learned it so well in fact that the other day, Ava walked right up to Alexis, smacked her on the top of the head and before I could say a word, she looked at me and shook her little pointer finger at me as if to say "no, no, no". I guess she knows what comes next, but she hasn't quite grasped the concept of NOT hitting her sister. I had to turn away so I didn't laugh. And since it wasn't a hard smack and Alexis didn't cry...it was pretty funny.

I've been slacking on the pictures lately, so now I'm going to overload you over the next week....Enjoy!




(Note: The girls got new tennis shoes a week ago and on the first day of trying them outside, Alexis thought it would be a good idea to run on the sidewalk....unfortunately the sidewalk wasn't so nice. :( You'll be glad to hear her nose is all healed up now and no more scab.)