Monday, April 20, 2009

Random fun pictures

I know I haven't been very good about updates lately, so I thought I would share a few fun pics from the past few weeks.

First ride in Grandpa's golf cart!
Anna and Ava just giggled the whole time as the  cool air hit their face. Alexis smiled and loved it too!

The girls are funny when they change clothes. They pose when I leave their shirts on like this. 

Then you gotta love the crazy hair that follows!
As soon as you ask Ava if she's ready to take her shirt off, she starts pulling and helping, so it's hard to get her to leave it on her head long enough for a picture. That's why I don't have one of her.

The girls all know to point to their belly when I ask them, but it's funny to see them point at each other's belly's too. 
This is Alexis pointing to Anna's belly.
And then Alexis showing us exactly where Anna's belly is. :)


Tonya Winningham said...

I love the golf cart pic! We were just talking about how we are going to go to Put-in-Bay this summer and how we can ride around on a golf cart with Timo...hmmm...not so sure...

Where are your parents at that they have a golf cart? Do they live in the same neighborhood as you? ;) That'd be helpful!

Rachael said...

they look so little in the golf cart, what a cute picture!

Kay said...

OMG. I am going to scream when I see them, but I am going to do it on the inside so they don't get freaked out and hate me. They are SOOOOO big!