Monday, April 20, 2009

Playing outside and spring cleaning!

I love to be outside. Working in the yard (didn't happen last year, although I hope to get some moments this year) or just relaxing, I just love to enjoy the fresh air. Well, I'm pretty sure the girls love to be outside just as much, although with the three of them running in different directions, it's pretty challenging (and a bit nerve-wrecking) to be outside with them by myself. The are "pretty" good at listening, but that just means they hear me say no, will turn around and then attempt to do whatever it is I told them to stop. Usually this is running towards the sidewalk and then running all over the yard (separately of course). Oh and if you don't know, our entire backyard is along the street since our front yard is on a half cul-de-sac so let's just say we have A LOT of street view.  Well, as I mentioned, this is a bit scary as I don't want them running into the street or even falling too hard on the sidewalk. So I had the GENIUS idea to buy a screened in tent for us to enjoy being outside but with a little bit of help.  So far the girls love it and so do I.

Now when Jeff is home then he helps baby wrangle and the girls can run all around the yard and play, but for extended periods of time, this gets pretty tiring, so I'm glad we can enjoy the fresh air and still have some sense of safety. One day maybe we'll get a fence and that will ease our minds even more. 

Here are a few pics from our first afternoon playing in the new tent on Saturday!

Saturday was a beautiful Ohio day and after Jeff finished mowing the yard we were all able to enjoy the weather and relax outside. Sunday was a bit rainy again, so while Jeff watched the girls and fed them breakfast and lunch, I was able to clean the house...err bathrooms. (ok, so I spent 3 hours on just bathrooms...let's just say I'm OCD and it's the longest I've EVER let our bathrooms go between cleanings and I wanted to make the grout look brand new....I have to kinda does. :) I washed some windows that 30 little fingers like to make pretty and then our dear friends, The Butlers, stopped by for a quick, but really nice visit before they headed home to NW Ohio. By then it was dinner time and bed time and Whew! Sunday went by quick! Today instead of blogging, I need to be cleaning the kitchen and floor and finish vacuuming, but instead I'm providing YOU with updates and pictures. :) Hope you all had a great weekend too!  


Annie said...

Wow, I like the tent. Is a great idea.

You had a busy Sunday.
The girls look precious.

Have a nice week.

Tonya Winningham said...

This is such a good idea, Marie! I hope it keeps the girls contained when need be! :) And, just will keep them pretty big free, too! :)

osuapril said...

Thanks for taking the time to provide us with pics & updates. We appreciate it!!!!

Rachael said...

what a great idea! where did you find it?!?!

Grey Family said...

The tent really looks like a fun time with lots of freedom to enjoy your beautiful neighborhood! :-) Yeah for pictures and updates. Anna looks like your side of the family sooo much. I can't wait to meet this girls someday!

SaraBelle said...

You are such a smart mommy! I'm so glad you've found a way to safely enjoy the beautiful weather. And it was georgous last weekend, huh? Yay for sunshine!! :)