Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter! We got up and went to church to celebrate this great day. Then we headed to my parents for Easter dinner, which was scrumptious!  We had a mini egg hunt in their front yard and the girls didn't quite get the concept of putting the eggs in their basket. Rather, they liked walking around picking them up and dropping eggs when they found new favorites. I didn't get any great pics of the girls in their dresses, but this will have to do. I guess it doesn't matter since they got all wrinkled the minute they were buckled in to ride to church. Why did I think I needed to iron them? Oh well!  Happy Easter!

Anna examining which egg is her favorite...but it's hard to tell since she wouldn't keep her bow in and can barely see through her hair! 

Ava posing inside after the hunt.

Alexis trying to decide how to hold 3 eggs!

One of my favorites. Look how long Ava's hair is getting! 


Kristen said...

I love their dresses! How fun for their first "real" Easter!! Did they love looking for eggs? What a wonderful time to experience all of these wonderful things with them!

SaraBelle said...

Super Cute! Happy Easter! And you are TOO funny -- I can't believe you ironed their dresses. :-) We decided next year K is wearing pants . . . she squirmed so much in church that everyone saw more of her diaper cover than her dress!!

Megan said...

Love the dresses, very cute!

Rachael said...

what beautiful pictures, i love the girls dresses!

Tonya Winningham said...

Awe, what cuties you have!!