Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Kristen!

A big Happy Birthday to my dear friend Kristen today!  
We hope you have a wonderful birthday. Wish we could be there to celebrate with you!
The girls miss you and so do we!


Marie, Jeff, Anna, Ava & Alexis


Kristen said...

AWWWW!!! YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST! YOU DEFINITELY WIN MOST CREATIVE BIRTHDAY SHOUTOUT!!! You helped make it more exciting (Not really that exciting of a number.) haha ;) I miss you guys so much!!Hopefully we will see eachother soon! Give the girls a big hug and a kiss from their Aunt KiKi :)

Lauren said...

It was so good to see all of you last weekend! The girls are just getting cuter and cuter! I love that age :) We had a great time at the Zoo today, it was perfect medicine for a rough day. I hope to see you all there sometime. Hope you had a wonderful Easter and please keep in touch!

Love to all!