Thursday, March 19, 2009

Visit to our favorite nurses!

With the party planning and photos afterwards, I forgot to post pictures from our recent trip to visit our favorite NICU nurses.  

We went a few days after their birthday to take the nurses a few treats and pictures and of course to show how much the girls have grown. We got to see our favorite nurse Katie (if you remember, she took care of Anna the most). It's nice because we stay in touch and she is always happy to see the girls. We also saw, Sue, Kathy and Joy. It was so nice to be able to see our favorite nurses who took such loving care of our girls. It's also nice to have the reminder of how far they have come in just a year. We truly are so blessed. They actually had 2 sets of triplets currently in the NICU and one set of parents were there visiting, so they came out to meet us and the girls. The parents seemed to be doing well, but they still had that glassy eye look as if they couldn't quite imagine their little ones a year down the road. Who can at that point? But they were nice and I offered for them to contact me should they need anything...or just to talk. It was nice to be on the helping/offering end, since I have gained so much support and information from all of my triplet/twin mom friends over the past year. Hopefully I can give back a little of what has been shared with me.

 The girls were so fascinated by everything in the hallway that it was hard to get all 3 in a picture at once, but here are some of my attempts at pictures with Nurse Katie! (Anna in Green, Ava in yellow and Alexis in Pink)


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Rachael said...

the pictures are so sweet, i love that you keep up with visiting!