Monday, March 9, 2009

Support a great cause!

I don't ask much of you right? Just for you to pray, love, support and follow us...not too much right? :)  Well, I'm asking you to consider doing something that will help little ones that need so much in addition to the prayers, love and support. They need the resources provided by the March of Dimes organization.  My friend Rachael over at Little Bites of Heaven and her beautiful family are participating in their local March of Dimes fundraiser and I would love for you to consider donating. Her triplets, James, Ella and Cameron born at 29 weeks 2 days on July 8, 2007, are now thriving, beautiful, healthy, fun-loving kiddos and part of that is because of the MOD organization who funds resources for babies born prematurely. 

Although, we were fortunate enough that our girls were not born extremely premature, the reality is that it was a definite possibility. And if they would have arrived earlier, I know we would have benefited from resources provided by the March of Dimes. It means A LOT to me to know that there would have been resources there to help if we would have needed them. So I'm asking you to consider donating to a great cause that will help give sweet tiny babies a fighting chance. 

Rachael is entering everyone who sponsors them in a giveaway with drawings every two weeks, so if you need another incentive there it is....I donated in honor of my girls' first birthday before finding out about the contest, but now I'm telling all of you about it so you can help make a difference too! Even a dollar go check it out!

Just visit Rachael's page here to see more details and to donate to this great cause. Thank you!

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Rachael said...

marie, thank you. your support (in more than this) means an incredible amount to myself + my family. thank you.