Saturday, March 14, 2009

Party Pics, ONE shirts and presents!!

So in a previous post, I mentioned that my sister is the crafty one between us. Well, she really is, however I have my moments.  I have seen many of my friends do super cute shirts for their children's birthday parties. Some had their names on shirts, other's had the number 1 or whatever number their child was turning and others had initials or other images. I loved these ideas, but just couldn't justify spending $20 each on a super cute shirt that I know I could have done myself. So I did it myself and they came out SUPER CUTE! Yea!  I just used some shirts I had already purchased for spring (less than $5 each) and then went to the craft store and found some fabric, cute letters to use as stencils, some iron on material and presto!  I made the girls' shirts that have a little flower and O N E on the front.  (all for way under $20 each....WAY under!) They are a little hard to see in these pictures, but check them out!
I love this picture of Ava greeting some of her guests!
Cousin Sofia and friends, Levi, Brooklyn and Maddy! along with Marnie, Amanda and part of Matt! :) Brooklyn and Levi (2.5 year old twins) call my girls "the triples"  It's so cute! 
Here are a few pictures of us opening gifts! Thank you to everyone for your generosity!
This is towards the beginning, notice the space we have and the girls are still interested even by what looks like a blank piece of paper that Jeff is holding. (I think he was showing them one of their cards!)

Here's another picture towards the end of opening gifts...Much less room, but I love that all of the kids wanted to help open and tell me what they got for the girls. It's so fun to see kids excited to give gifts! So kind. Thanks to Grace, Halle and Sofia for helping to bring the gifts over from the gift table! You ladies were so helpful! :)


The Thornhill Cousins! 


Rachael said...

the shirts are absolutely adorable marie! they turned out fantastic, great job!

Annie said...

Wow, amazing job with the shirts. The girls look precious with them.

Tonya Winningham said...

Great job on the shirts!!! I would've never guessed you didn't buy them some place for at least $20/each. What a crafty mom you are!

Beth said...

SUPER fun shirts! I love them! They look so adorable and creative. GREAT JOB! I love the cakes and all the attention to detail you did for the girls party. Everything looks amazing! Those cakes are stinkin cute too!

Harris Boys said...

those turned out super cute marie!!! so creative...I love it!