Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

A special happy birthday today to my wonderful dad!
He is always supportive and giving, but all of the small things he has done over the past year have had a huge impact! Like making our house wireless when I was on bedrest, so I could still obsessively check my email and all of my favorite blogs...and even start my own.  Or how about triplet TV? Seriously, one of the best things ever! Or maybe it's how he unselfishly gave up my mom for 2 months while she stayed with us to help around the clock.  Or booking our flights to Denver making sure they were non-stop instead of several legs...making the trip better for ALL of us!  Or even more recently, when I filled up my entire hard drive with pictures and videos he went out and got me an external hard drive with 1.5 TB of space....from what he and Jeff tell me..."that's A LOT!"  So while all of these things just come naturally for him to do or seem like they aren't a big deal to him....they have made a world of difference. They help keep me sane and during a year like the past one...I need every bit I can hold on to. The girls love to laugh and play with him and just love him so much too. Yesterday when he stopped by, Anna had just woken from a nap and immediately held her arms out to him and snuggled up on his chest.  Thanks for everything dad, we love you! Happy Birthday!

G.Pa and Alexis (who is totally my dad's little buddy. She LOVES to see what he has for her in his pocket. from iPhones to laser pointers...she is always entertained!)

G.Pa reading with Anna and Alexis


Rachael said...

happy birthday to your dad! this post brought tears to my eyes, so sweet!

Grey Family said...

He fills the grandpa shoes very well! He looks totally in love, but who couldn't be with your adorable girls? Happy Birthday Ken!!