Saturday, March 28, 2009

Flip Flops

The girls received some super cute flip flop sandals last year as baby's but they were too big. Now that it is about to be flip flop season...they unfortunately are a tad too small, but I at least took a few pictures of their first pair of flip flops.

Alexis didn't like putting them on, but once they were on, she just wanted to stand up and stomp around. Almost like she was trying to funny! Yea, I know the picture cut off her head, but it's about the flip flops and the girls move so much, I can barely get them IN the picture.  

Ava took her flip flops off, but once she saw that her sisters were getting them on, she wanted them back on. While I was putting Anna's on, I saw Ava sit down, and press one of the flip flops to the bottom of her foot. Of course it wouldn't just stay as she had intended, so then she stood up and stomped on it, as if it was a sticker and if she pressed hard enough it would magically stay on her foot. Smart little girl for knowing where to put it. Just hadn't quite figured out how to put it on herself. :)  Here she is after I put them on for the second time and she is looking them over real good.



Lani said...

Cute flip flops!!
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Rachael said...

i can totally imagine the girls toddling around in too small flip flops...too cute!

SaraBelle said...

SUPER cute!! :)