Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dear Anna,

It was your cry that we heard first in the delivery room and it gave us reassurance that everything was going to be okay. When daddy first held you and you looked up at him with those beautiful blue eyes, we knew you would be filling our hearts with love forever. 

You are such a calm soul and have been laid back from the very beginning. You are an observer and like to take in the whole scene before deciding what to do next. You enjoy sitting on laps as much as possible and getting in close. And boy are you strong. You climb up our legs or arms like a rock climber just trying to get to the highest point. And sometimes you pull your sisters down just because you can. You are a giggler and love to laugh at your sisters. You have an infectious laugh that makes anyone smile. You love when your sisters kiss or hug you and it makes you giggle even harder.  Now when we say "give kisses" you pucker up and lean towards whomever. You love dancing and music and bouncing high and fast. Especially when we dance in the kitchen after meals. You always want to tip over backwards or do summersaults which makes me wonder if you'll be a gymnast one day. You love to see the kitty cat and point and repeatedly say "ki-ki or ki-ca" when you see him. You also love to say "da-da" and say it when we talk to him on the phone or when he comes home from work. You also race to the gate when you hear the door chime to see "who's here" and then to see you peeking through the holes is just quite a riot. You like to wave and clap your hands and have to tap everything to make sure it is just right. 

You warm our hearts and make each day better. 
We love you so much Anna Caroline!
Happy first birthday!

Love, Mom and Dad


Kristen Callaway said...

So sweet! Little Anna! :) Happy Birthday!

SaraBelle said...

Happy Birthday, Anna!! We are looking forward to seeing you this weekend!!

Rachael said...

happy 1st birthday anna!

Tonya Winningham said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Anna!

Sarah Harmacek said...

Happy Birthday Anna! It has been so much fun to see you grow over the last year.

Annie said...

Happi First Birthday, Anna!!! God bless you.