Saturday, March 14, 2009

Birthday Cakes...all 6 of them!

My mom ALWAYS made our birthday cakes growing up and it was important to me to carry on this tradition for my girls. With the help and support of my mom, I think they all turned out pretty decent. We ended up making 3 trial cakes (2 decorated and 1 as a backup) and 3 final cakes. (my mom decorated one and I did two of the final cakes.) 
Here they are!

And here are the girls eating them! Alexis probably loved it the best, but all 3 liked their first real sweet taste of cake and frosting!  None of them were very happy when we took them away.
Since I couldn't very well serve our guests the cakes that the girls were poking and crushing, we also had a cake for each girl that would be for all of us to eat! I didn't make these, but instead had them made at one of my favorite local bakeries! Yum!  I framed 12 monthly pictures of each of the girls too, so that is what is behind their cakes. 
Anna's 1st Birthday Cake
Ava's 1st Birthday Cake
Alexis' 1st Birthday Cake
All 6 cakes !


Rachael said...

the cakes, oh my gosh the cakes! they are amazing. i had no idea you were so talented!

of course, all of the pictures in these posts are just sweet as can be.

i love the frames...i may have to borrow the idea!

Annie said...

I love the duck cakes. Just beautiful.

Tonya Winningham said...

Cute Cakes!!!
Just perfect for your 3 ducks!

Katy said...

Those cakes are just precious! Your whole party looked so adorable. Do you want to come help plan Caroline's?!? :) (And I love the train, too...what a great idea for multiples!)

Anonymous said...

Love the ducky cakes. And I really like to idea of the birthday frame. What did you put in the "big" frame spot on the left hand side of all the little pictures

Harris Boys said...

those cakes are AMAZING!!! I could never pull those off....way to go. love the frame idea....I wish I could think of all these great ideas!!!!