Wednesday, March 4, 2009

12 month checkup!

Today we took the girls to the pediatrician for their 12 month checkup. 
The Dr. said they were all doing "extraordinary" and doesn't have any concerns. She was shocked at how early Ava started walking and was even a bit surprised that all 3 were walking before their birthday. (way to go girls!) We can start giving them milk as soon as their formula runs out. Our goal is to be done with bottles and completely transitioned to sippy cups by 15 months, so that is my next task...wish me luck!  (if you have been through this and have any tips, let me know!)

Ava was REALLY scared at this appointment for some reason. She didn't even want the Dr. to listen to her heart or check her ears. Since Ava started crying the minute the Dr. walked in, it was pretty much downhill from there. Alexis started getting anxious and so did Anna. They all cried off and on and were really clingy during their exam. The shots....oh geez...the shots were horrible. Poor little girls. They had to get their blood drawn so that was the worse part and Alexis and Ava cried so hard. They didn't really settle down until we got outside in the fresh air. Anna on the other hand, was a champ getting her blood drawn. She just sat there with a tongue depressor in her mouth and didn't even flinch, cry or tear up. I had to check to see if the nurse had actually pricked her yet, because she wasn't reacting at all. (Jeff gave her the stick to hold and for some reason she just stuck it in her mouth and left it there. I guess it was a good distraction.)  She did cry during shots, but then stopped after about 5 seconds. The other two, didn't stop. :( I have to agree with my friend Sara. This was by far the hardest appointment to date. I'm not one to get sad or anxious during their shots, but it was just really hard to soothe all 3 at the same time since they were all pretty upset. Luckily Jeff was able to be there to help, but it was still hard and I was afraid that Alexis and Ava were going to get so worked up that they were going to pass out. (yea, they do that. They exhale so much air when crying so hard that they have actually passed out. Alexis did it the first time when I took the phone away from her. seriously. Super, super scary, but the Dr. says it's nothing to worry about. But blowing in their face seems to help as it makes them take a breath when they are that upset and we've been able to prevent them from passing out now.) Anyway, thank goodness this appt. is behind us. We don't go back until they are 15 months old.   

See below for their weights over the past year. Look how much my babies have grown! We spaced our their vaccination schedule so that is why you will see 3 and 5.5 month appointments. For those visits, they didn't measure their heights, just weights. They had their flu shots at 7 months, so that is another one where they didn't get measured, just weighed. 

Birth: 4 lbs 7oz
1 month: 6lbs 7oz--18"
2 months: 8lbs 15oz--20.25"
3 months: 10lbs 9.5oz
4 months: 11lbs 13oz--22.75"
5.5 months: 14lbs 2.5oz
6 months: 15lbs 3oz--24.5"
7 months: 16lbs 11oz
9 months: 18lbs 5oz--26.5"
12 months: 20lbs -- 27.5"

Birth: 5lbs 3oz
1 month: 6lbs 7oz--18.5"
2 months: 8lbs 14.5oz--20.5"
3 months: 10lbs 3.5oz
4 months: 11lbs 3oz--22.5"
5.5 months: 12lbs 11oz
6 months: 13 lbs 13oz--24.5"
7 months: 14lbs 12oz
9 months: 16lbs 6oz--25.75"
12 months: 18lbs 9oz--27.25"

Birth: 4lbs 2.5oz
1 month: 5lbs 12oz--18.25"
2 months: 8lbs 9oz--20.25"
3 months: 10lbs 4oz
4 months: 11lbs 7oz--22.5"
5.5 months: 13lbs 7oz
6 months: 14lbs 10oz--24"
7 months: 15lbs 13.5oz
9 months: 17lbs 8.5oz--26.25"
12 months: 19lbs 3oz--27.75"


Anonymous said...

Hey Marie,
Spring and I were just telling Kaili a few days ago about how she cried so hard sometimes that we had to do something drastic to get her to quit. If it was cold outside, we'd take her out and the shock of the cold would bring her out of it. Usually I'd just stick her some water, sometimes with clothes on, sometimes shower with me with clothes on, or a sink bath...whatever was fastest. The water has always been calming for her. I can't picture doing that with 3 of them crying at the same time, tho. Love the stories and pictures and how much your love and joy shows through.

Better get back to work....sometimes I just have to check to see if there any new photos.

Wish I was there to play with them!

Aunt Kathy

SaraBelle said...

Wow Marie . . . you are a brave, brave mommy (and daddy Jeff!) to take the girls for their 12 mo shots BEFORE their big party!! I don't want to scare you, but my children turned into monsters the 2 weeks following their shots (yes, it literally continued for TWO weeks) -- I kept wondering if my sweet babies would ever return. I hope the girls fair much better!! I'm sorry it was such a rough appointment . . . not fun!

Tonya Winningham said...

My little guy went to the doc at about 5 months and his weight was 17 something! I look here at your petite little girls and think my child just may be a giant! He is long and skinny though. :)
Great job on having such healthy, happy little girls!

Rachael said...

i am so happy to hear they are doing so well, though it was no surprise :) sorry the appt was so rough, it should be better at the next one!

Kristen Callaway said...

Awww...that stinks! It's great to see how far they have come along! Thanks for posting the "snapshot" of the last year! I'm happy to hear they are all doing well! Have fun this weekend! I'll miss you!