Monday, March 30, 2009

What's worse?

Question: What's worse than taking care of three 1-year olds that don't feel well?  

Answer: Taking care of three 1-year olds when you don't feel well and have the flu!  

Thanks to my dad for coming over and entertaining the 3 little ones today so I could lay on the couch and hopefully beat this thing quick. Oh and thanks for the sprite too!

Pray that the girls don't get the flu. Anna and Alexis have not been feeling well for about a week now, but they haven't been throwing up like I am. Just extra runny noses and overall fussiness. Not sure if we all have the same thing, but it just looks differently. Who knows. I just hope this part misses them. UGH!  It's nice to sit up right now, but I think I am headed back to the couch. Hope your week started better than mine. 

Sunday, March 29, 2009

First trip to the Zoo!

Yesterday, we took the girls for their first trip to the zoo!  It was a fantastic day all around. The weather was a bit cool and breazy, but it was perfect long-sleeve shirt day and the girls wore their cute little sweatshirt jackets from my Aunt Paula and Uncle Dean. It was also our first trip using the choo-choo wagon besides walks around the block, so needless to say, we got A LOT of questions and comments. Sometimes made us feel like an exhibit, but I was nice and patient and so was everyone else in return. Oh, and Jeff took all of the pictures on his little camera all day so I didn't have to worry about snapping shots. I pulled the wagon instead...his back is still out of whack but he did pretty good walking around...even though it hurt a lot later. :(  The girls were AMAZING. They didn't fuss to get out...only Anna a few times when we weren't moving...and they loved riding in their wagon. I know for a fact if we would have had them in their stroller, we wouldn't have been able to stay as long as we did. I LOVE THAT WAGON! 

The girls loved the flamingos, gorillas and fish. Pretty much anything that moved a lot, they loved! 


Here we are trying to peek at the big Rhino!
The girls liked to wave at pretty much everything. They waved at people, animals, or just as we were pulling them along. So friendly!

When we went inside the gorilla house, this big, I MEAN BIG, silverback male gorilla, got off of his perch on a branch in the back, to come around to our side. He came right up to the window looking directly at the girls, then sat down while the girls waved to him. Pretty intimidating, but I think he liked the girls. At least I want to think he liked them. :)

We ended with the aquarium and manatee exhibit. I love the vibrant colors of tropical fish!

The girls missed their afternoon nap while we were at the zoo, so it is amazing that they were still nice, friendly little girls, but the sleepy eyes did start to come out and after leaving the gorillas, Anna picked up her blanket and tried to lay her head down on the wagon. After she decided she couldn't take a nap, she proceeded to play peek-a-boo! What a great day!
Thanks to my friend Kristen for the membership to the zoo! I foresee us using it A LOT this year!

Visit my friends too!

So I added a new blog button over there on the right side of the page. See it? It looks like this:

Well, click on it and go check it out! It's a really cool, new blog started by some of my blogging buddies. One is the mom of boy/girl twins and the other is my friend Lani, a mom of triplets (2 boys, 1 girl). They wanted to have a place to bring all of us multiple moms together. It's such a great idea!  So if you are a mom (or dad) of multiples, go check it out. And even if you don't have multiples, but you have questions or just love all of us that do...come join us too!  There are cool giveaways and cool people so what's not to love? :) See you over there!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Flip Flops

The girls received some super cute flip flop sandals last year as baby's but they were too big. Now that it is about to be flip flop season...they unfortunately are a tad too small, but I at least took a few pictures of their first pair of flip flops.

Alexis didn't like putting them on, but once they were on, she just wanted to stand up and stomp around. Almost like she was trying to funny! Yea, I know the picture cut off her head, but it's about the flip flops and the girls move so much, I can barely get them IN the picture.  

Ava took her flip flops off, but once she saw that her sisters were getting them on, she wanted them back on. While I was putting Anna's on, I saw Ava sit down, and press one of the flip flops to the bottom of her foot. Of course it wouldn't just stay as she had intended, so then she stood up and stomped on it, as if it was a sticker and if she pressed hard enough it would magically stay on her foot. Smart little girl for knowing where to put it. Just hadn't quite figured out how to put it on herself. :)  Here she is after I put them on for the second time and she is looking them over real good.


Friday, March 27, 2009

Birthday parties and ball pits!

Over the past few weeks we have attended four birthday parties (all 1st birthdays) for 7 kids. It all started with Bennett and Kendyll's 1st birthday back in February, then our girls' 1st birthday at the beginning of March, then our neighbor Ben's 1st birthday the next weekend and our other neighbor Teagan's 1st birthday last weekend!  Whew! That's a lot of 1 year olds and so much fun. 

Ben had a fun ball pit at his party...

so much fun that Teagan borrowed it for her party!

I love that we have so many kiddos that are around the same age as the girls. When I was young, I always enjoyed playing outside and doing everything with my best friend Beth. I can only hope the same happy childhood for my girls!  Happy Birthday Bennett, Kendyll, Anna, Ava, Alexis, Ben and Teagan!  :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bye Bye Ba-Ba's!

It's official, as of a week ago today, we are DONE WITH BOTTLES!!! WooHoo!

It feels so good to be writing this post, you have no idea. I have been cautiously waiting to post as I was afraid we would relapse, but it has been surprisingly smooth. 

And the way it came about is kind of funny to me. The girls were down to just 2 bottles a day (when they got up and one before bed), and then took sippy cups during all other times (mainly at meals or snack times). Last Wednesday, my neighbor who has a son who just turned one, asked if the girls were done with bottles and I said no, but it got me thinking. Why aren't they done? I still had formula left so maybe I was just waiting until that was gone even though they had been drinking whole mile since their birthday with no problems. So I decided to just stop....cold turkey. That night I just offered sippy cups before bed and Anna and Ava were fine with it. Alexis on the other hand threw a pretty good fit and didn't like the change of routine. I stuck fast knowing that she had taken in plenty of fluids the rest of the day. The next morning, Alexis had another sippy cup protest and I was THIS.CLOSE to caving because it broke my heart. I called Jeff but he didn't answer at work so I decided to just ride it out. I waited about 20 more minutes and she is the one that caved. Since then, no more protests and no more bottles!  

In the early days, we had up to 27 bottles/day and at the end we were only using 6 per day. I'm SO GLAD that I'm not washing bottles, sanitizing nipples in the microwave, putting in liners, carefully measuring out formula each and every night like I have for the past year. **side note-I've never used the dishwasher for bottles. We have HAND WASHED every single bottle/nipple the entire time mainly because I didn't want to run the dishwasher every single night and still need the full set of bottles the next day. So yes, we hand washed ALL OF THEM! and I say we, because Jeff did help with this luckily!** It's quite nice to just pull the milk right out of the fridge and serve whenever we need it!  Yes, I am still washing all of the sippy cups every night, but we don't go through as many and they are so much quicker to wash. And while I have tried pretty much every type of sippy cup out there, for now we are just using the cheap generic ones. Eventually I want to transition them to the straw sippys....hopefully less mess, but I'll be happy with what I have right now....NO BOTTLES! :)

aren't they beautiful? hehe!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Picture gallery!

Check out the rest of the pictures from last weekend!
Step 1. Go to Everyday Studios 
Step 2. Click on "Client Proofing" along the bottom.
Step 3. Click on gallery named:  Triplets T March 2009
Step 4. Enter password:  gogogo (all lowercase, no spaces)
Step 5. ENJOY!
Step 6. Come back here to let me know what you think!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

A special happy birthday today to my wonderful dad!
He is always supportive and giving, but all of the small things he has done over the past year have had a huge impact! Like making our house wireless when I was on bedrest, so I could still obsessively check my email and all of my favorite blogs...and even start my own.  Or how about triplet TV? Seriously, one of the best things ever! Or maybe it's how he unselfishly gave up my mom for 2 months while she stayed with us to help around the clock.  Or booking our flights to Denver making sure they were non-stop instead of several legs...making the trip better for ALL of us!  Or even more recently, when I filled up my entire hard drive with pictures and videos he went out and got me an external hard drive with 1.5 TB of space....from what he and Jeff tell me..."that's A LOT!"  So while all of these things just come naturally for him to do or seem like they aren't a big deal to him....they have made a world of difference. They help keep me sane and during a year like the past one...I need every bit I can hold on to. The girls love to laugh and play with him and just love him so much too. Yesterday when he stopped by, Anna had just woken from a nap and immediately held her arms out to him and snuggled up on his chest.  Thanks for everything dad, we love you! Happy Birthday!

G.Pa and Alexis (who is totally my dad's little buddy. She LOVES to see what he has for her in his pocket. from iPhones to laser pointers...she is always entertained!)

G.Pa reading with Anna and Alexis

Friday, March 20, 2009

Pig tails!

My first attempt at pig tails!  We've established that Ava NEEDS a barrette to hold her hair out of her face and Anna's is getting to the same point but they like to pull them out too frequently, so I tried something new...putting in a piggy tail. It's really more about function, but I think they were pretty cute too. Even though Alexis didn't NEED one, she got one too!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Visit to our favorite nurses!

With the party planning and photos afterwards, I forgot to post pictures from our recent trip to visit our favorite NICU nurses.  

We went a few days after their birthday to take the nurses a few treats and pictures and of course to show how much the girls have grown. We got to see our favorite nurse Katie (if you remember, she took care of Anna the most). It's nice because we stay in touch and she is always happy to see the girls. We also saw, Sue, Kathy and Joy. It was so nice to be able to see our favorite nurses who took such loving care of our girls. It's also nice to have the reminder of how far they have come in just a year. We truly are so blessed. They actually had 2 sets of triplets currently in the NICU and one set of parents were there visiting, so they came out to meet us and the girls. The parents seemed to be doing well, but they still had that glassy eye look as if they couldn't quite imagine their little ones a year down the road. Who can at that point? But they were nice and I offered for them to contact me should they need anything...or just to talk. It was nice to be on the helping/offering end, since I have gained so much support and information from all of my triplet/twin mom friends over the past year. Hopefully I can give back a little of what has been shared with me.

 The girls were so fascinated by everything in the hallway that it was hard to get all 3 in a picture at once, but here are some of my attempts at pictures with Nurse Katie! (Anna in Green, Ava in yellow and Alexis in Pink)


Monday, March 16, 2009

1 year pictures preview!

Oooh! I'm so excited! Go check out our photographer's blog right now for a little preview of our pictures from yesterday! I'm so excited to see the rest! Thanks for coming to our house Jessi! and Thanks to God for the BEAUTIFUL day!  

I'll try to share the rest when she gets our gallery posted!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Chugga, chugga, CHOO CHOO CHOO!!!

This is a MUST HAVE for every family with triplets!  A HUGE triple thank you to my parents for getting the girls a Choo Choo Wagon for their birthday!  I had heard about this wagon from pretty much EVERY triplet mom I talk to across the country. I'm SO glad that I told my parents about it a couple months ago because the company has stopped production on the wagon and won't be carrying it least for a few years anyway. By that time, it will be too late for us, so thank goodness we got one before they were out of stock! (for some reason, the company stops selling these wagons every few years and then they bring them back for a limited time, then stop again. I'm not sure if they are just creating this crazy demand so when they do sell them, they sell out and word spreads quickly or what, but they are like hotcakes and pretty hard to find!) Luckily, my parents thought the wagon was as cool as I did and quickly found a local store that sells them so they didn't even have to pay shipping. If you are a mom of multiples and are looking for this wagon, leave a comment with your email and I can send you my local store info. They said they still had about 5 of these wagons and trailers available and they do ship in the U.S.   
The Choo Choo Wagon comes with 2 cars, but we obviously needed the orange trailer and then we also got an additional orange trailer for friends or for my bags and snacks and anything else we may need when we go somewhere like the zoo. Speaking of, my friend Sara and I can't wait until this Summer when we go to the zoo together. She also has the wagon for her twins, so I can't even imagine how many times we'll be the attraction instead of the animals. Geesh! :)

These pictures are from our first trip around the block this past week. The weather was BEAUTIFUL for a day and we got to try it out. The girls LOVED the ride! Thanks again and! 

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Party Pics, ONE shirts and presents!!

So in a previous post, I mentioned that my sister is the crafty one between us. Well, she really is, however I have my moments.  I have seen many of my friends do super cute shirts for their children's birthday parties. Some had their names on shirts, other's had the number 1 or whatever number their child was turning and others had initials or other images. I loved these ideas, but just couldn't justify spending $20 each on a super cute shirt that I know I could have done myself. So I did it myself and they came out SUPER CUTE! Yea!  I just used some shirts I had already purchased for spring (less than $5 each) and then went to the craft store and found some fabric, cute letters to use as stencils, some iron on material and presto!  I made the girls' shirts that have a little flower and O N E on the front.  (all for way under $20 each....WAY under!) They are a little hard to see in these pictures, but check them out!
I love this picture of Ava greeting some of her guests!
Cousin Sofia and friends, Levi, Brooklyn and Maddy! along with Marnie, Amanda and part of Matt! :) Brooklyn and Levi (2.5 year old twins) call my girls "the triples"  It's so cute! 
Here are a few pictures of us opening gifts! Thank you to everyone for your generosity!
This is towards the beginning, notice the space we have and the girls are still interested even by what looks like a blank piece of paper that Jeff is holding. (I think he was showing them one of their cards!)

Here's another picture towards the end of opening gifts...Much less room, but I love that all of the kids wanted to help open and tell me what they got for the girls. It's so fun to see kids excited to give gifts! So kind. Thanks to Grace, Halle and Sofia for helping to bring the gifts over from the gift table! You ladies were so helpful! :)


The Thornhill Cousins! 

Birthday Cakes...all 6 of them!

My mom ALWAYS made our birthday cakes growing up and it was important to me to carry on this tradition for my girls. With the help and support of my mom, I think they all turned out pretty decent. We ended up making 3 trial cakes (2 decorated and 1 as a backup) and 3 final cakes. (my mom decorated one and I did two of the final cakes.) 
Here they are!

And here are the girls eating them! Alexis probably loved it the best, but all 3 liked their first real sweet taste of cake and frosting!  None of them were very happy when we took them away.
Since I couldn't very well serve our guests the cakes that the girls were poking and crushing, we also had a cake for each girl that would be for all of us to eat! I didn't make these, but instead had them made at one of my favorite local bakeries! Yum!  I framed 12 monthly pictures of each of the girls too, so that is what is behind their cakes. 
Anna's 1st Birthday Cake
Ava's 1st Birthday Cake
Alexis' 1st Birthday Cake
All 6 cakes !

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Party pics!

A few random pictures from the party last weekend!
Here is the awesome banner that my friends made for the girls' party! So cute! 
Thanks Rachel and Laura! 

My sister is totally the crafty one of us and thank goodness she is. She made the invitations, favor gift tags, thank you cards and chocolate ducks on sticks!  Thank you for EVERYTHING Tammy! 

I printed the inside of the invites and they since my pictures came out blurry, here is my try at funny:

A year is nearly gone,
the girls are Go, Go, Go!
We're celebrating the BIG ONE
And having our 3 ducks in a row!

We figured the party was obviously about the girls' birthday, but also was a victory party for Jeff and I since we survived the first year! haha!

Here are the gift tags on the favor bags.

I thought it would be fun for younger guests to make their own birthday card for the girls, so we had crayons and stickers and construction paper. They made some of the cutest cards that the girls will cherish when they are older!

More party posts coming soon!