Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Birthday to B & K!

A special Happy Birthday wish to my friend Sara's twins: Bennett and Kendyll. Today is their FIRST Birthday! Yea! So happy birthday B&K, we are looking forward to your party tomorrow!

note: Sara and I met at a Marvelous Multiples class at the hospital while we were pregnant. We then reconnected and became friends while we were both on bedrest. She has been an amazing source of information over the past year and I appreciate her friendship so much. Whether giving me tips on what's coming up next (since her twins are only about 2.5 weeks older than the girls) or listening to me vent about crazy people at the stores, she is always there. Thanks Sara! 


SaraBelle said...

Aw -- thanks Marie! You know I feel the same about you, right?! I am so thankful our babies brought us together -- I have so enjoyed your friendship over this past year! I don't know what I'd do without you!!

We can't wait to see the Thornhill gang tomorrow! :)

Rachael said...

i know this post isn't about me and i already wished b&k a happy birthday. but, i just wanted to tell you that you are an amazing mama and a wonderful friend. thank you.