Thursday, February 26, 2009

First Year by the numbers...

As we prepare for the girls' first birthday, I thought it would be fun to look over the past year in terms of numbers. 

Jeff and I are glad to have some...ok, let's be honest...we're glad to have ALL of this list behind us!  

68 Days on bedrest (+ 77 days for Jeff's back injury) = total of 145 
34 weeks 5 days of Pregnancy
11 Days in the NICU--Anna and Ava (only 8 days for Alexis)
MANY sleepless nights
5,513 Bottles
5,513 Bottle Liners
19 Microwave Sanitizer bags
5,977 Diapers
12,727 Wipes (Avg. of 1 per reg. diaper and 4-6 per dirty diaper)
162 Cans of Formula (the BIG ones) 
486 Jars of Baby food

oh and let's not forget a big one....

Purchasing a new vehicle to fit 3 new carseats....priceless. :)


Harris Boys said...

haha the part about priceless!!!

I never calculated these things, but I'm sure it would look some what similar to yours.

Its amazing how many diapers and esp. wipes we go thru!! Glad we are potting training!

Katy said...

Wow...this puts it into perspective! I can't wait to see pics when they have their 1st birthday! That is going to be so fun!

Kristen Callaway said...

Wow!! That's a lot! I couldn't even imagine! I'm sure you are excited to say that you have surpassed with high honors the first year! Congratulations and give the girls a big hug for me :)

Rachael said...

isn't it crazy when you reflect on all of the numbers looking back. it is funny, but when you are looking forward it seems impossible, but somehow we manage!

Tonya Winningham said...

Super Job, Marie!
I love it!!
I won't steal this idea from you at 12 numbers just won't be as impressive! :)
Happy Early Birthday to the Girls!

Grey Family said...

OH MY!!!! That puts a lot into perspective for us who just have a single baby to buy for! This blog was a creative but a tease because I thought it was going to be stats!! :)

Souza Sisters said...

I love this!! It's mind blowing when you look at like this... A lot of work but a lot of love too:) I saw the comment you left on my blog about Disney! I would love to give you some tips!! We like going in the fall cause of the weather and the crowds. I find that it's less crowded. And I am from Maine. I want to be warm and get a little tan while I am in FL!! Although I will say that if you want to avoid crowds the week after Thanksgiving is the best... We did that one year and walked on everything!! The weather was nice but I would of liked it to be a little warmer... You want to avoid school vacations and the summer. I could go on and on... If you ever have any ?'s I would love to help you plan a trip:) BTW your girls are too cute:)